Thursday, October 01, 2015

10 Things - Volume 46

I know, it's not Tuesday. Let's pretend!

1. Water. On. Mars. How freaking cool is THAT?

Evidence of water found on Mars

2. I survived citywide yard sale weekend, but just barely! It was almost 90 degrees, so being outside from 7:30 am - 4 pm kicked my butt, especially since a good chunk of that time was spent hauling heavy boxes of sale stuff around! I was too sick & achy to even make it out of bed on Saturday, but one of my sisters kindly took over for me! Didn't make a ton of cash, but got rid of a lot of excess stuff and added a pretty decent chunk of $ to my FL move fund! YAY!

3. My big ol' nerdy dreamboat of a TV crush, Chris Hayes, WON A FREAKING EMMY! For the All In series on poverty in America. I'm so proud! He's so freaking fantastic.

Embedded image permalink

4. The boots I've been drooling over turned out to be a big nope. I finally tried a pair on in store to make sure I had the right size before ordering them online, but they were somehow weirdly.... baggy? in the ankle area. How is that even possible??

I don't think sizing down would help, since the actual foot part fits well. Maybe some serious lace adjustment would help? Super sad, since these are the only boots I've fallen in love with so far this season. Guess that means I need to just stick with last year's!


Saw this online last night and nearly lost my freaking mind! I've been *begging* Starbucks to do the big 48 oz jugs of PSL for actual years. They finally listened! I'm going to drink approximately 58 gallons of Basic Bitch goodness over the next few months! (Until Gingerbread Latte comes out, since it's my favorite!)

6. #PinkOut day on Twitter/FB/IG/etc was so incredibly beautiful and inspiring and empowering and just WOW that I can't bare to change my Twitter pic back yet! So many amazing women (and men! And other genders!) out there standing up for access to life-saving care. Makes my heart overflow with glee for all the good in the world.

Crystal Ward

7. If you follow me on Instagram (personal OR blog account!) you know I've been kinda obsessed with sunsets at the lake lately. Hoping to head out there this afternoon (If I'm feeling decent post-dentist appointment) or tomorrow and nerd out with my fancy new-ish dSLR to get some great shots! I love what I've been capturing with my horrible cell phone camera, so  can't even imagine how they will look with my real camera!
8. Target better have some of these on clearance after Halloween so I can score one to wear around the house as lounge wear! Way better than yoga pants.

Nothing says "I work from home!" like writing in your dinosaur jumpsuit! I know it's labeled "dragon", but I'd rather be a dinosaur. Unless I can be Trogdor.

9. Unpopular opinion: I don't like the Ryan Adams 1989 album.

10. Did you watch the eclipse of the Supermoon - Blood Moon - Harvest Moon - OMG How Many Different Things Can We Call This Moon? I spent around an hour total outside checking it out - SO COOL. The last one was in 1982, when I was still a wee lass. Couldn't get any decent photos, and mostly spent my time trying to avoid getting run over since the only place I had a decent view was in the middle of my street! Still, super cool, super moon!

How is your week going?

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

10 Things... Sort Of?

1. TBH I'm sitting here thinking that I sooooo don't have 10 blog-worthy things this week. My life has been a crazy mix of working too much, working a little more, getting ready for this weekend's citywide yard sale, dealing with family stuff, and then doing a little work, just for good measure. I could probably make it interesting to read about if I really tried, but I'm pretty darn brain dead at this point.

2. These are currently my reason for living:

3. And the fact that it's NYFW. You guys know how much I freaking love Fashion Week. I think I have more posts under that tag than any other. (Mostly because I'm terrible at tagging posts. Oops.)

(this one's from Rodarte.)

4. I ordered business cards for my social media management business! They're the super cheap kind, but at least it's something I can have on hand. Makes me feel all adult-y.

5. I've never wanted a pair of Monolo Blahniks before, not even during the whole Sex & the City craze, but these are awesome. (And also more expensive than rent in most cities.)

6. I finally moved about 2,000 photos from my phone to my computer today.  (cloud things scare me.)

7. About half of those photos were cat pics.

8. I stepped on a huge piece of broken glass last night (one of my cats knocked a glass off the kitchen counter a few days ago. Thought I got it all cleaned up, but LOL NOPE.) My living room looks like a crime scene, and I'm limping like... something limpy.

9. I have zero idea how I am going to finish all of the yard sale prep in the next 33-ish hours. OMG.

10. Probably not the best 10 things ever, but something is better than nothing, right? I hope?

How is your week going?

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

10 Things on Wednesday - Volume 44

1. Anyone have suggestions for good sites for finding houses & condos to rent? There are a billion apartment sites, but I'm not finding a whole lot when it comes to the other options!

2. I am 100% convinced that the fire in Epcot today was the revenge of the trolls from the Maelstrom, mad that their ride is being replaced by more Frozen stuff.

3. I keep flirting with these boots every time I'm at Target:

I'm kinda in love (and they're on sale for $34), but I bought 3 new pairs of boots last fall, so it's not like I *need* new boots. But they're so great! Yes? No? Maybe? Plus, I'm torn between these and the black version. Why isn't there a Target Fairy to bring good little boys and girls gift cards?

4. I've decided that I totally need to get into archery on horseback, so I can feel like half Merida, half Lara Croft.

(I've ridden since I was 3 but have zero experience with a bow and arrow, so....)

(Unless you count the bows and arrows my dad taught me to make from sticks and stuff as a kid. I'm guessing you don't.)

5. Speaking of horsie things, I also really want to volunteer at a therapeutic riding center once I'm back in Orlando!

6. Still watching OITNB. I'm on season 3 now!


7. I discovered Paper Clouds Apparel on one of my fav Instagram accounts (Feministabulous), and I'm kinda in love. Their shirts are designed by people with special needs and sales raise both money and awareness. So great!

8. I just spent four solid hours cleaning up the guest room at my mom's house that my nephew and his girlfriend have been staying in. How can you trash the house of someone kind enough to let you stay with them while you're between apartments? I'm exhausted.

9. My town's citywide yard sale is in just over a week, so I'm running around sticking little neon price tags on anything that sits still long enough. Goodbyeeeee, clutter, hello cash money, yo! Dolla dolla bills!

10. I totally missed linking up for Show Us Your Books yesterday! I have at least half a dozen half written book reviews. Should I just post tomorrow or find another linkup? Decisions, decisions!

Happy hump day, friends!

Tuesday, September 01, 2015

10 Things on Tuesday - Volume 43

1. So, it's two weeks later and I still haven't written about my weekend in Tulsa hanging out with my girls! I'll get on that soon. Oops? (Spoiler alert - it involves finding myself braless in public, wearing someone else's shoes.)

2.  I never watched New Girl because I found the main character way too grating, but I caught a couple of episodes while I was on vacation, and am now painfully in love with Nick Miller, and have possibly been binge Netflixing it. 

3. I've also been (finally) watching Orange Is The New Black, which is way, way different than the book, but addictive.

4. Heads up - my current favorite shorts are on clearance for $11.50! I love that they're unique but neutral-ish enough that you can pair them with all kinds of tops!

5. I've been trying to make a point to spend some time at the lake at least a couple of times a week.

I mostly just go find a spot to sit and write, and it's pretty great. More of this!

6. I've been OMG-crazy busy, but with the boring kind of life stuff that is not only time consuming, but also has the audacity to be totally uninteresting to blog about, thus two whole weeks of no posts. 

7. Today was the day I originally planned to move back to FL, but with all of the craziness of mom being in and out of the hospital and nursing home over the past several months, I'm now shooting for mid-October. It worked out strangely well, since FL is getting smacked by tropical storms right now! Taking care of mom has seriously cut into the amount of free time I have for work (#FreelanceProblems), so I am working pretty much 24/7 to build up my move fund! I'm soooo ready to go. 

8. I am super jealous that Target makes this line of what I like to think of as "Cat Lady In Training" clothes for little girls, and nothing in my size. Life is unfair. I would rock that kitten dress. 

Links to find these adorable things - clockwise - 1-2-3-4

9. My little town's citywide yard sale is in about 2 weeks, so I'm running around sticking neon price tags on things. It is pretty much perfect timing with the upcoming move, but man do I always repress how much work these things are! If you need me, I'll be searching for tips on how to make a bazillion dollars from a yard sale on Pinterest!

10. I'm strangely in love with this song right now:

Saturday, August 15, 2015

Tennyson's Birthday Dinner from Sheba!

This post is sponsored by Vocalpoint and SHEBA. All opinions and adorable cats are my own.

So, this little dude...

just turned 2 years old! As you can tell from that bottom right pic when he was 6 weeks old, Ten and I have been BFF's for pretty much forever! (He still rides on my back/shoulders like that, even though he's up to a whopping 9.5 lbs now!)

I decided to use the samples that the Sheba team was kind enough to send me as the fancy dinner for Tennyson's birthday celebration! He got a whole small can to himself, and the other cats got to share everything else.

Being my cat is not a bad gig sometimes.

Ten loved both the chicken and turkey varieties of the Sheba Perfect Cuts - he's a tiny guy despite being a young adult now, so sometimes food with bi chunks can be a little large for him to handle, but these tiny diced meat pieces were perfect for him! And you've gotta love that they are made from responsibly sourced, high quality ingredients and plenty of protein!  

I loved the Sheba Perfect Portions - there are so many times that just one cat will be hungry (usually because they napped through meal time or were way too busy doing important cat stuff to show up), so I hate to open a whole new can just for that one. These are perfect for when that happens - the serving size is perfect for one kitty!

Want the chance to win a whole lotta Sheba for your cats? You can win an entire YEAR's supply by posting a photo of your cat eating Sheba to Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #SwitchToSheba, or uploading it at Vocalpoint! Time to show off your kitties!

Between the delicious dinner and a bunch of new mousie and catnip toys, I'd say Ten's birthday was a pretty solid success!

Have you tried any Sheba foods yet? (Well, your cats, not you personally. That's probably not the best idea,) Am I the only one weird enough to throw birthday parties for my cats, or have you done it, too? Make me feel better about my Cat lady-ness with your stories!

Friday, August 14, 2015

Vacation - WOOHOO!

It's just after 1 a.m., which means I'll be hitting the road in just over 8 hours (knock on wood!). (Yes, I know I should sleep.)

My life has been so crazy-hectic-busy the last few months that I don't even remember the last time that I got more than about half an hour to just hang out and relax, let alone like, MULTIPLE DAYS. I'm totally into it.

The last time I had any kind of getaway was a quick trip up to St. Louis back in February, which uhhh, could have gone better. (You can read about that here and here! Spoiler alert: I came back with one less car than I started with. And by that I mean no car.)

Tomorrow involves a four-ish hour drive to the Tulsa area, and then snuggling the crap out of three of my oldest friends all weekend. (Oldest in that we met in the days of Compuserve. Given that I spend a couple hours at mom's nursing home every night, I know some old ladies, yo.) (Speaking of which, she gets to move back to her house on Tuesday! I may never sleep again.) (Have I used enough parentheses yet?)

Oh man, if it tells you anything about how much I need to get away, I fell asleep at this point of writing this. Oops! Anyway, time to hit the road! Keep an eye on Twitter & both my blog Instagram and personal Instagram and such for updates, and I'll see you crazy kids next week!

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

10 Things - Volume 42

1. This week so far has been absolutely NUTS as I try to fit an entire week's worth of work into 3 days. But at least it will be worth it, because...

2. GIRLS WEEKEND! I'm heading over to Oklahoma to hang out with 3 awesome women that I've known for 20 freaking years. I haven't seen one of them since high school (!!!), so I'm pretty excited for a weekend of shenanigans!

3. You know how sometimes you need a little treat to perk up your day? I picked up one of those face masks you always see in the beauty section for like $1.50 because I was in the mood for some cheap pampering. It didn't go well. 

As I was opening the package, I noticed that I'd missed where it said "for men", but screw gender based product marketing, what's the difference?

I couldn't shake the feeling that I was applying toothpaste to my face, although the super strong minty smell was more like diving headfirst into mouthwash. It burned to the point that I checked the ingredients and saw that after water, alcohol was the next most prevalent. Eep! Unlike the photo, I only got a light blue film over most of my face. I kept a wide margin around my eyes, but even with that distance it stung - I cant imagine if it dripped in! The smell got a little more tolerable as the minutes passed, but having it on my face never became a pleasant experience by ANY means. And in the end, I don't really think it did any good. Boooo-urns!

4. Currently seriously considering ordering this swimsuit top! Especially since it's on sale for $22! Finding an affordable underwire tankini is SO HARD - the boob struggle is real!

5. Also seriously wanting these Converse Shoreline low tops in charcoal. Why didn't I find these earlier in the summer? They'd be perfect with pretty much every pair of shorts I own!

6. You need to head over to Instagram and follow kittyfails. Trust me on this. They don't have all that many videos up yet, but oh man. Cat comedy gold.

A video posted by @kittyfails on

7. I finally, finally gave in and got a massage. I'm super money conscious in general, and I've just never been able to wrap my mind around the concept of giving someone a bunch of my dollars to rub on my naked body for an hour. I mean hello, there are a bazillion people out there who would be delighted to do that for free! But anyway, I gave in when I hit the point where my shoulder was so messed up that a huge wave of pain shot through it any time I sneezed (which is approximately every 5 seconds with my crazy summer allergies!) My awesome masseuse found knots I didn't even know I had (apparently my right elbow is super funky from years of laptop-ing!) And she was able to dig into my psoas muscle, which I've tried like crazy to stretch but have never been quite able to "get". OMG, I have never felt a sensation like that - it seriously felt like acid burning into my muscle. Built-up lactic acid, maybe? Whatever it was, it was so intense that when she would press into the muscle and ask me to lift my leg, I couldn't. SO WEIRD.

8. Continuing the theme of "Gimmie all the things!", I really want this comforter set from Target! Especially because hello, it's reversible!

9. I totally spilled green juice on my laptop last week, thus no 10 Things post! Well, I didn't so much spill the juice as fall asleep in a bed that contained both my glass of juice and my laptop...

I took the whole thing apart (always scary!) and discovered that my dvd drive got hit the hardest - quite a bit of liquid in there- but most of the rest of its little laptop guts were still dry. Whew! I soaked up every drop that I could with paper towels and then left it in pieces in a closet (to protect it from cats) for about 2 days. IT LIVES! (uh, except the dvd dive.) My trackpad is doing an annoying thing occasionally where it zooms when I'm just trying to move the mouse, but compared to a totally fried laptop, that doesn't seem so bad. I'll look into ordering a new mouse doo-dad thingy (technical term) at some point, but ain't nobody got time for that right now! And if it continues to be annoying, I can just pick up a cheap USB mouse and rock that for a while.

10. I wish I had brilliant, poignant words to mark the one year anniversary of what happened in Ferguson last year, but all I can really say is that it seems like everything and yet nothing has changed. Still heartbreaking to watch.

How is your week going so far?