Sunday, December 31, 2000

Well, I rode today, and it went pretty well! Even if I dont get in, I feel a lot better about this year's ride. I got so incredibly lucky and got a wonderful horse to ride. That made all the nerves melt away! I was so worried that I would get really nervous and not be able to think, but thankfully, it all came naturally once my foot hit the stirrup! He just had me walk a few laps around the arena, then trot, then lope, then lope a small circle around him, then run and come to a quick stop.. and back up, and that was about all! It felt great to be on a horse again, and although I know I was far from perfect, I felt good about my ride. Now we'll just see if it gets me anywhere.

I cant believe that tomorrow is the last day of work. Its insane... its snuck up so quickly. Im going to really miss a lot of people.. its going to be strange at first. What am I gonna do for 2 months? Well, I can tell you the first thing im going to do- RELAX! Im going to rent a bunch of movies and just lay around and enjoy freedom. Then I'll clean my room, and run all the errands I've been having to put off...(A MILLION apologies to my secret santa!).. Then I guess ill wait for the snow to melt enough for me to go ride my horse! And im sure ill spend a lot of time on The DIS, but I allready do that.

Saturday, December 30, 2000

So im really just posting to kill time while I finish my downloads on napster...

I am ever-so-amused by these cool painting things at Storypeople. I've just been sitting here browsing through them for the longest time.

Work was so normal today, its hard to believe we only have two more days, and then we dont see each other for three months, and for some of us, never again. Its going to take a while to get used to the change.. but its a much-needed break.

Thursday, December 28, 2000

Well, I met "the competition" today- the other three girls trying out for the show this year. Well, I didnt really meet one of them, but I saw her. The one I didnt really talk to has really short blonde hair.. she seemed nice. Im not sure if they can put her in with her hair that short though. Another works at dixie now, and she seemed sort of stuck on herself- not really someone I'd want to work with. The third one, in my opinion, is the best bet on getting in the show. She was nice, friendly, had the personality, and from what I hear, she could ride decently. I genuinely hope she gets in...unless of course there is only one spot open.. then she can hit the road :D

I have to ride for the production manager either tomorrow or Saturday, and of course, they will give me one of the worst horses to ride. Oh, joy. Im not going to worry though- im going to be brave. Im a good rider, and there's nothing I can do to improve in 24 hours, so why worry? And if you believe im really not nervous, I have some ocean front property in arizona you may be interrested in....

I only met one of the guys, but I saw the rest. Hooray for cowboys ;) I wish I could have seen everyone ride.

Okay, enough about auditions and the show. Well, actually back to the show.. only 4 more shows until the end of the year!!

Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Its odd, how sometimes we're too close to see things happening right under our noses. Things change around us every day, and yet because we're so close to them, we just dont notice until we somehow step back from the picture, and it becomes clear, almost like an impressionistic painting.

Just read something I can totally identify with in laura's journal...

"do you know the feeling when you are tired of being strong, of being independent, of denying what you want, of saying "it's okay" when it isn't? there are moments when i am overwhelmed by the want just to find myself in somebody's arms and to feel...

Have you ever come across something that you've written, and not believed the words came from you? I found some poems in my dresser while cleaning my room yesterday, and I dont have any recollection of writing them, but I was just amazed by them. I can also read back through my old journals, and its odd how I dont even remember having these thoughts. I suppose thats why I like to write them down, so I can look back a year from now and remember how I was feeling on a chilly December night.

I hate being out of film. I take sooo many pictures lately, its like an addiction. I'm going to miss being able to develop my own pictures at work, the whole process will seem sort of incomplete if I dont.

Tuesday, December 26, 2000

WHY did Blogger just do that to me? I just wrote a huge, long entry, and pushed publish, and its gone! Where did it go!?