Wednesday, December 27, 2000

Its odd, how sometimes we're too close to see things happening right under our noses. Things change around us every day, and yet because we're so close to them, we just dont notice until we somehow step back from the picture, and it becomes clear, almost like an impressionistic painting.

Just read something I can totally identify with in laura's journal...

"do you know the feeling when you are tired of being strong, of being independent, of denying what you want, of saying "it's okay" when it isn't? there are moments when i am overwhelmed by the want just to find myself in somebody's arms and to feel...

Have you ever come across something that you've written, and not believed the words came from you? I found some poems in my dresser while cleaning my room yesterday, and I dont have any recollection of writing them, but I was just amazed by them. I can also read back through my old journals, and its odd how I dont even remember having these thoughts. I suppose thats why I like to write them down, so I can look back a year from now and remember how I was feeling on a chilly December night.

I hate being out of film. I take sooo many pictures lately, its like an addiction. I'm going to miss being able to develop my own pictures at work, the whole process will seem sort of incomplete if I dont.

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