Thursday, December 28, 2000

Well, I met "the competition" today- the other three girls trying out for the show this year. Well, I didnt really meet one of them, but I saw her. The one I didnt really talk to has really short blonde hair.. she seemed nice. Im not sure if they can put her in with her hair that short though. Another works at dixie now, and she seemed sort of stuck on herself- not really someone I'd want to work with. The third one, in my opinion, is the best bet on getting in the show. She was nice, friendly, had the personality, and from what I hear, she could ride decently. I genuinely hope she gets in...unless of course there is only one spot open.. then she can hit the road :D

I have to ride for the production manager either tomorrow or Saturday, and of course, they will give me one of the worst horses to ride. Oh, joy. Im not going to worry though- im going to be brave. Im a good rider, and there's nothing I can do to improve in 24 hours, so why worry? And if you believe im really not nervous, I have some ocean front property in arizona you may be interrested in....

I only met one of the guys, but I saw the rest. Hooray for cowboys ;) I wish I could have seen everyone ride.

Okay, enough about auditions and the show. Well, actually back to the show.. only 4 more shows until the end of the year!!

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