Sunday, December 31, 2000

Well, I rode today, and it went pretty well! Even if I dont get in, I feel a lot better about this year's ride. I got so incredibly lucky and got a wonderful horse to ride. That made all the nerves melt away! I was so worried that I would get really nervous and not be able to think, but thankfully, it all came naturally once my foot hit the stirrup! He just had me walk a few laps around the arena, then trot, then lope, then lope a small circle around him, then run and come to a quick stop.. and back up, and that was about all! It felt great to be on a horse again, and although I know I was far from perfect, I felt good about my ride. Now we'll just see if it gets me anywhere.

I cant believe that tomorrow is the last day of work. Its insane... its snuck up so quickly. Im going to really miss a lot of people.. its going to be strange at first. What am I gonna do for 2 months? Well, I can tell you the first thing im going to do- RELAX! Im going to rent a bunch of movies and just lay around and enjoy freedom. Then I'll clean my room, and run all the errands I've been having to put off...(A MILLION apologies to my secret santa!).. Then I guess ill wait for the snow to melt enough for me to go ride my horse! And im sure ill spend a lot of time on The DIS, but I allready do that.

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