Thursday, December 27, 2001

Oh, why yes, I forgot to tell you! I rather uncerimoniously quit Dixie today. Yay, me. I called first thing this morning, and left a message, asking them to get back to me ASAP, knowing that someone is usually in the office by 12. By 2 (I have to be at work at 3), nobody had called yet, so I called back. They said that yes, they had recieved my message, and had been planning on calling me soon. When I asked what we could work out, the answer was basically "Well, we know your dad is in the hospital and you need to spend time there with him, and you're obviously not feeling well, but we have 2 full shows tonight and don't really care about our employees,so you have to come in anyway, and then we'll discuss you maybe getting off early. But dont count on it or anything." I came home and practically collapsed on the couch, physically and emotionally drained. I tried to eat some cheese and crackers, since I've been weak and I know I need to get something in me. I began to ponder the idea of just not going in. Tomorrow is supposed to be my last day anyway, so what was I really losing? My middle sister came by and couldn't believe the were making me work. She agreed with me just staying home. Needing one last vote, I called Rich, and it was settled. Yet another reason why I am absolutly in love with this man. He puts up with me calling 59 times a day with whatever my moral dilema of the moment is, my nose completly stuffed up, and my "I dont feel good so I deal with it by being rather bitchy" personality coming out. And he loves me anyway. :)

And in case you are wondering, yes, you read that right, my dad is in the hospital. Right as I was falling asleep Christmas night, he started throwing up. Poor Daddy. By 5am, mom decided to call an ambulance, and I was woken up, to stare helplessly as he EMT's carried my father out of the house. There are no words for seeing such a strong figure in your life suddenly look so weak. Despite everything, everyone was very calm, mostly, I think, to keep all the kids from getting upset. One of the EMTs told me that when they asked dad if he hurt anywhere, he said "Yeah, my wallet!". Typical dad :)

I'm yet to make it to the hospital to see him. That was the majority of my plan tonight after deciding I wasnt going to work. Nap, then hospital. However, nap that was supposed to last from 4:30-5:30 lasted until almost 10. Hopefully I will make it tomorrow. You know, I think I mean that sentince in many ways.
During my "I dont feel good"-nap, I had a dream that Rich and I were going up to the local little college to see Steve Irwin speak about reptiles. Ah, what a dream!
Nephew #3- "There's good in everything, so I don't 100% hate anthing. Except the devil. And balogna."

My precious blogger was attacked by hackers, and I was blog-less for a day! There is much to update you on, but my head is abou to explode, so it will have to wait.

Tuesday, December 25, 2001

I do NOT want to know what this conversation was about. I think it had something to do with Christmas morning toy assembly, but....

Sister #4- You go in and out, and up and down and up and down

Corresponding Brother-in-law: Uh huh..

Sister#4- And then on top..

Corresponding Brother-In-Law: Yeah...

Sister #4-You go through this end, then the other end...

Monday, December 24, 2001

(kids chattering on about the difference between a pre-pre teen and a pre-teen)

Brother-in-law John: Are you guys looking forward to being teenagers?


John: Is that gonna totally rock?

Kids: YEAH!!!!

Neice Hannah: Sometimes I like to eat butter RAW.

Me: I used to do that when I was little

Hannah: Did you eat chocolate?

Me: Yup!

Hannah: Did you eat...KITTIES?
Yes, I seem to have a one-track mind.

Kelly was discussing baking a birthday cake for Jesus.

Me: Wow, that would require a TON of camels!

Me:Err.. CANDLES!!

However, it runs in the family. Earlier my sister showed us a picture of her boys with their babysitter.

Sister #4- "And this is our babyshooter!"


My youngest neice is very Dr. Jekel/Mr. Hyde-ish. She goes from this sweet little thing who wants to sit in your lap and give you kisses to this little terror trying to break down your door. Crazy!

I got my next-to-last roll of vacation film developed today- hooray! There is a lovely pic of me and Nate at my birthday breakfast, as well as the infamous picture of me and Party Buddha. Yeah buddy! OH! And Sister #1 got me a veggie tales callendar! I love it very much. She always was my favorite.

Sunday, December 23, 2001

"Here's to the nights we felt alive;

Here's to the tears you knew you'd cry

Here's to goodbye, tomorrow's gonna come too soon"

(Eve 6- Here's to the Night)

Even this song has a totally different context, the chorus reminds me so much of the end of my vacation. I listened to this song on the plane, thinking how much these words applied. I've been wanting to post the lyrics for a while, but I never remember. Some more, that dont really remind me of vacation, but I like anyway:

So Denied

So I Lied

Are you the now or never kind?
OH! And I saw a movie called Action Jackson at Wal-Mart today. Yay, Amanda! You finally made the bigtime.
This whole idea of having people around is a little hard for me to get used to. I can only deal with it for a few hours at a time before I have to slink away to my room and computer, and let myself re-fuel. So far things are going better than predicted, but the 2nd arriving sister is due in an hour, and so I am sure this is really just the calm before the storm. I think this sort of thing is just so odd for me because I usually spend at least half my day alone, and I like it that way. Not saying I dont like to be around people or anything, but it can be terribly draining.

Quoth my nephew: "I used to think a tornado shelter was a place for poor tornados to go live". This is why two stand-up commedians should never, ever breed.

Becky is the first sister here, and the oldest. I have to kind of envy that she got the most Indian-looking genes of the 5 of us. Today actually happens to be her birthday. She's here with her husband, whose name happens to be John Kennedy. Yeah, bow when you say that :) Also along are her three boys, who are yet to be annoying. Expect me to change this comment as soon as Scott wakes me up in the middle of the night.

I still cant get used to hearing voices in the other room. Its freaking me out.
I always feel funny typing the names of authors or artists into the little search box on Ebay. I feel like I'm saying "Yes, does anyone have a used Neil Gaiman that I could purchase? I really do need one."

My oldest sister is here now, with her husband and three boys. My second oldest sister will get in late tonight with her 2 kids. The other 2 sisters are arriving tomorrow, with 5 kids between them. There are gonna be a hell of a lot of people in my house tomorrow, so if you don't hear from me for a while, I'm probably burried in a mass of family. But, um, if you dont hear from me by new years, I may have not survived the incedent.

Saturday, December 22, 2001

There are days when all the pieces just seem to fall into place like clockwork. They're certainly a nice break from the usual chaos.

Today as I stepped in to St. Louis Bread Co., on a mission to get lunch for myself and Lou, a little boy who looked around seven said "Hello there!" I thought he was probably selling candy for boy scouts or something, and was mentally preparing what to say when he said "Would you like to see a lego spaceship model and have a free brochure?" Eeh? And so, the boy showed me his lovely little spaceship, which he had in fact built out of legos. He then handed me my "free brochure", which was a brown napkin on which he had written "SPACE", and drawn pictures of his space shuttle. All this time, his parents were laughing a LOT at the next table. I kept the brochure, and I shall scan it for you soon. It made my day :)

Friday, December 21, 2001

Work today was really quite lovely. We sat around from about 11 to 1, playing 5-card draw, and then sitting outside in the sun, talking about places we've been, and those we'd like to go to. Lou brought me back a piece of chocolate pie from his lunch break, which I spent laying on the couch by the fireplace, making Disney Trip Lists, titled things like "Things I really need to show Kelly" and "Stuff I Must do if we only have 4 days in February". If only I didn't have to work tonight, and instead I could go on a trail ride, this would be a perfect day.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

I feel so very guilty! I completly forgot to tell you that I got a new betta! He is mostly blue and green, but his little dangely things in the front that look like arms are bright red. Therefore, his name is Irwin, after my beloved Crocodile Hunter. He is beautiful and very happy in his new home. Fig is doing MUCH better, as in he has traded in laying flat on top of the water to actually acting like a fish again. Its a Solstice Miracle!

I have my tree almost finished now. I can't find the cute Jessica rabbit ornament I bought in Disney World, but once I do, the tree shall be complete. I like Jessica- she's not bad, she's just drawn that way! ;-) And of course, she's a redhead.

Atop the tree is a pretty Cinderella's castle ornament, which I promptly dropped when I tried to put it on, breaking off 3 of Cindy's towers. Oops. Superglue, however, does wonders. Another favorite is the 3-piece monorail ornament that lights up and talks. Love it! Can you tell I went a bit overboard in the disney Christmas ornament store? I also have an adorable one with a little snowman-looking guy made out of marshmallows sitting in a mug with a grahm cracker and some chocolate that says "I love smores!", Eeyore on a snowflake, 2 epcot ornaments, and an Animal Kingdom one. Pictures soon. Really.
I am so, so very cold. Not just the "put on a sweater and you will be ok" kind of cold. I've done everything today to try to warm up, including turning up the heat at work to "really damn hot", and sitting so close to the fireplace that I thought my hair was going to catch fire. Nothing worked. I want nothing more right now than to curl up in my bed, particularly with a certain someone by my side, and just take a very nice nap. Of course, I have to work tonight at Dixie. Oh dixie, how I detest thee, let me count the ways..

So, so, so very tempted to just not show up. I only have 4 more days, let them fire me. But then, there are still a few goodbyes to be said. It should be an easy night, right? I will be able to tolerate everyone, right? Please say I will.

I'm still a bit concerned that I may have mono. I'm tired ALL the time. Of course, being me, I refuse to go get a blood test, because that would involve needles. Bad, bad.

Work at the ol' cookie place has been fabulous. We're very slow, so I spend hours on end listening to good music, reading by the fire, eating cookies, and writing. We have a lovely 3-cd changer there now, so when I see or hear people coming, I just hop up and switch from my cd to one of the christmas music ones in the other two slots. I cant wait for the day when the CD player malfunctions, and we hear something like this..

(Bing Crosby...) "Chestnuts roasting on an open fire..." (cd-messing up noises) (Not Bing Crosby) "NO SLEEP TILL BROOKLYN!". That would almost be as amusing as what happened the other day. I was playing with the doorknob to the pantry, and it came off, Oops. I just kinda stuck it back on until I could get a maintainance person back over. So, a few minutes later, one of the sales people is in on a tour. She walks up to the pantry, and it goes a bit like this.

Sales Lady: "And this is one of my favorite features..." (She pulls on the doorknob and it breaks off in her hand. She just stands there kind of staring at it for a second)


On a completly unrealted note, Kelly and I had one of the most amusing conversations ever last night, and I simply cant post it, due to a terribly personal nature. So just pretend there's a really, really funny conversation posted here. Thanks.
CrystalW07: Jeff Corwin is growing on me

Kellsane: Have him removed.

Perhaps the most appropriate response, ever. You see, I have this ongoing attraction/revoltion to/from Jeff. For those of you living under a rock, Jeff hosts a most amusing/annoying show on Animal Planet. I simply cant decide about this one. All I'm saying is that if I've developed a thing for herpatologists, my life is heading downhill fast.

And, if you would like to see, here are my New Year's Resolution.
AHH! Where did my post go!?

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

Dear Santa,

I want this and this.

Mkay, thanks.


Monday, December 17, 2001

You know you've been in Disney too long when...

You stick your hands under the sink faucet at wal-mart and wait a long time for the water to come on before you realize that its not automatic.

Got my lovely Photo cd's today. After many hours of resizing and sorting, they are very ready to be uploaded. Whee. Now if only I had the time! Must work tomorrow morning, as well as Wednesday, and both jobs Thursday and Friday. Family comes Saturday. Toto, I dont think we're in the Magic Kingdom anymore.

Sunday, December 16, 2001

Fig is sick! Send some fishy love his way.
Stuff I did on Vacation: (aka the trip report isnt gonna be done for ages, so maybe this will tide you over)

*Petted with a white rhino

*Went *underneath* Cinderella's Castle

*Fed dolphins, sting rays (squishy!) and sea lions about $1324 worth of dead fish

*Learned that in general, Norwegan men are hot.

*Spilled a LOT of drinks. Oops.

*Ate a LOT of brownies.

*Partied with Buddha

*Watched Nate do some serious Bootie Shakin

*Rode a stick horse around a crowded room

*Heard some lovely Disco music

*Played with a Python (of the non Monty variety)

*Bonded with the chick at my resort's fast food place that resulted in me getting free breadsticks.

*Watched giraffes from my balcony

*Learned the difference between Greater Kudu and Bongos, and therefore stopped saying "There's a...a...THING outside my room!"

*Ate cheesecake for breakfast one more than one occasion

...and wouldn't you just love to know what else! ;-) Trip report coming sometime in the next 4325 months.
Because sometimes, good friends just know...



Crystal: LOL! You dont even know which one im listening to!

Kel: LOL

Crystal: All I want for Christmas is you baby!


Saturday, December 15, 2001

Well, I've been home around 24 hours, so I suppose I really should post. I've been putting it off because 1) I really don't have the words to sum up everything in one little post, and 2) I dont think I want to admit to myself that I'm really back home. Although the realization that I was certainly back hit me at the same time as the cold rain when I stepped off the plane, it still hasn't completly sunk in. I feel as if the past two weeks were all one wonderful dream, or as if I'm in a dream now, and I'll wake up soon and still be in Florida.

I got most of my film (13 rolls at least) printed today, and I'm going to get about half the pictures put on photo CD's tomorrow so I don't have to spend three days scanning. I've even started my trip repot, which is sure to be similar in length to The Fountainhead. Once I get at least a few days of it done, I'll throw everything together in a snazzy little website so that those of you who actually care can read about my adventures, and see the photos.

In the meantime, I'll just say this: It was one hell of a trip.

Wednesday, November 28, 2001

Tuesday, November 27, 2001

Stockings are the devil.

Today I went shopping for shoes to wear on vacation. I went to every single shoe store in every single outlet mall in town (Which is roughly 34523). I found no decent sneakers, although I found some fabulous calf-high black boots I really wanted, but since those were not the object of my shopping mission, I had to pass. Near the end of my shopping, one of my black thigh-high stockings decided its true calling in life was to be a knee-high, and so it began its journey. I felt like an idiot, standing with my leg on a bench outiside the Discount Bible store, trying to casually pull it back up where it belonged. And so I continued, but the stocking would not be kept from its dream. I finally gave up and stopped in Wal-Mart to buy a garter belt to hold the darn things up. So, now I'm walking through the mall, and my stocking just falls down around my boot. People are staring. I duck in the restroom to put on the garter belt and just end the war when, in that lovely 3 square foot box, I discover that I have NO idea how to attach stockings to a garter belt. After a few minutes of fiddling with it, I give up, peel them off, and head off to face the world with bare legs. There are days I really do think the world is out to get me!

We are supposed to get 5 inches of snow by tomorrow morning, which means work tomorrow is a big maybe. I nearly fell to the floor screaming "NO!" while watching the weather channel today. Snow 4 days before vacation is not in my plans, but the nice lady on the weather channel promises me it will be gone by Saturday.

Four Days. In four days, I still need to:


*Get Shoes

*Clean ALL the fish, and teach mom how to feed the bettas

*Make final plans with Nate

*Figure out where I am meeting up with everyone for MVMCP

*Finalize airport plans with Kel

*Regain sanity

Think there's hope?

Monday, November 26, 2001

Okay, so I admit it- deep down I really think I DO have mono. But what do you do in my position? Admit it and go to the doctor and get a blood test, and make them put me on all sorts of horrible medicine and stuff, 5 days before vacation? NO WAY. I guess deep down I'm terrified they would tell me not to go, or give me medicine that would make me so out of it my trip would be ruined, and I just cant stand either of those ideas. And so I ignore signs. Even that little bit of being terrified that my spleen will burst on vacation still lingers, I smile, and dance, and count down the days as I pack my suitcase.
I'm really, really pissed off at Wal-Mart. My mom has worked there since I was 16, and the rule has always been that employees, their spouses, and kids that live at home get 10% off. Well, today I'm checking out, mom's handy dandy discount card in hand, and the bitch at the checkout counter asks how old I am. I tell her, but that I live at home. She asks if I'm in school, I say no, and she says I cant use the card because I'm not in school. Um, HELLO, I havent been in school in over 2 years, and nobody has ever said a thing. So, now I'm really pissed off at Wal-Mart in general. What tightwads. I'm REALLY tempted to take everything back and tell them I'm to go buy it at K-Mart instead. I still might. What kind of company is THAT damn cheap that they have to get so picky about discounts?

And, since Kel stole the part of the conversation was gonna post, here's more amusement ;)

Kelly: I'd become a nun, if it were't for that whole no sex thing.

Kelly: And uh, no material items thing.

Crystal: yeah, all that stuff

Kelly: And, well, the whole nun thing.

Kelly: But man, if it weren't for that...

Crystal: yeah, the whole nun thing REALLY screws up the idea of becoming a nun

Kelly: It does. The nuns need to get a better PR person.

Friday, November 23, 2001

The wonderful news is that I'm able to get some food down now. Its making me feel a lot stronger, my stomach not get as upset from my medicine, and generally, I feel much less like a sheep from David & the Giant Pickle.

I would put up my list of things to do before vacation, as Kel did, so that I could satisfyingly mark each one off as I got it done, but its so long it would probably stretch deep into the archives. And so, lets just say I need to do a hell of a lot of stuff. And I need shoes.

I was actually going to work today, but I ended up on the phone until 4am last night, and slept right through it. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

Thursday, November 22, 2001

I just learned that our local university has a whole department for Fruit Science. The best part is, the first class on the list, FRS 121 is Introduction to Wine. And if you get lucky enough, you can go to the State Fruit Experimentation Station! Please, please, go read this class list and laugh at them like I did. Its simply that I have this mental picture...

College Student A: Hey! Joe! Are you coming to the party with us?

College Student B: No, dude, I have to study for this exam in "Selected Topics in Fruit Science"

College Student A: Oh, MAN! I've heard about that one! The section on mangos is killer, man.

Ready for the saddest part? I now find myself sitting here wondering if I really should know more about fruit.

My parents have decided to go out for Thanksgiving dinner, seeing that we still havent replaced our stove after the whole 3am fire incedent, and microwave dinners simply do not a Thanksgiving make. I could have gone with them, I suppose, but sitting in restaurants watching other people eat is really starting to get to me, so I opted to stay here at home with my bowl of tomato soup, of which I have actually managed to consume an entire two spoonfulls.

Going through the furniture in the living room today, deciding what we were going to keep and what we were going to replace, I informed mom that the chest of drawers (yes, in the living room. Dont ask) had to stay. Its simply the best, you see. It has two cat stickers I put on it when I was about 4, because I liked them so much I wanted to put them somewhere I wouldn't lose them. It also has two large marks on the middle drawer, each about the size of my hand. These are from when, once again around the age of 4, I was in Mini-Martha Stewart mode as usual, and was making halloween decorations. I dont remember the exact process, but I was making lovely ghosts out of kleenex or toilet paper or something.. and this process involved getting it wet, pressing them against the drawer, and leaving them there to dry. Think "drink without a coaster" stain multiplied many times. I still have the ghosts somewhere, too, by the way. They have gum wrappers for arms.

You know you have been home sick too long when you start reading about other people's sims.

Wednesday, November 21, 2001

Blogger is silly at times you know, but then so am I, and so I must forgive it.

Monday, November 19, 2001

The tooth is GONE! Last I saw it it was laying on my dentists counter, looking rather guilty. I didnt bother to sayy goodbye, as our relationship had not been a good one.

Early this morning, mom woke me up for my dentist appointment. She wasnt sure if they were actually gonna pull them or not. I thought that if they werent gonna do it, a nap sounded like a much better idea. However, when they heard my face was swolen (I somewhat resembled Popeye, a one eye was almost swolen shut) they said to bring me in.

The scene: the waiting room. Enter Crystal and her mom

Receptionist: Ooh, you're...

Me: Crystal

Receptionist: Swolen!

And so I half-slept in the waiting room for about 20 minutes in the waiting room, and then they took me in to the chair, where I waited about 20 MORE minutes. Its NOT fun laying there all alone having no idea whats happenin. So, the dentist comes in and makes the ever-so-astute observation that I dont look very good. Smart guy. He then proceeds to tap rather hard on my teeth to find out which one hurts the most. I guess he is deciding this by how loud I scream. He comes down to the 2 finalists in the most pain, and whacks on them again. Im laying there thinking "Dear lord! This place is called GENTLE DENTAL!" So he finally looks at me and asks if I want it out. I think my response was somewhere around "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD AND ALL THAT IS GOOD IN THE WORLD YES YES YES!" They ask if I want the gas. Hell yeah. They hook me up, and a few minutes later, I can feel them turn it up to proportions that would make an elephant woozy. "Can you feel the gas at all?" they ask. I nod. They are very smart in choosing this time when I am OUT of it to do the ol' novcane injections. I did not feel it. Im serious.. I felt them doing it, but I felt no pain, even though I KNOW they did one right in the roof of my mouth which usually hurts more than just about anything else. So, im starting to think this is really cool when I go NUMB. I cant feel a damn thing. I must admit, I kinda panic. I do things like open and close my eyes or move my hands just to make sure I'm alive. They being me back to a semi-conscious state long enough to get me to sign a release that allows them to take my tooth out. So, lets review. I'm half blind from a swolen eye, and can hardly remember my name im so full of gas, and they want me to SIGN something? I manage, and its back under for me. I gaze distantly at the TV screen and think I am really losing it when I see a 3-headed dog. Then I realize its Harry Potter stuff. NOT a good thing to watch when you are trying to determine your sanity. I hear/feel them turn up the gas again, so I know its about to get good. This is where it felt kinda like a root canal for a sec.. I felt them go WAYYY up the root of my tooth with.. SOMETHNG, and I made numerous "Ouch ouch!" noises. This is when I am thinking those panicky thoughts of "OMG, they are PULLING my tooth out! I do NOT want this done!" So, it stops, and even though I cant really hear, I understand Amy (Did I mention that my hygenist used to work with me at dixie?) telling me I can bite down now, and so I do. Now I lay there, alone and confused. A few minutes later, Amy comes in and sits me up, and takes off my gas. I'm thinking "Gheez! Cant we get on with it!?" She says I can go. I pull the gauze out of my mouth, and oh yes, its quite bloody. She gives me replacement. I somehow mumble through a swolen mouth full of gauze "That was IT?" Now given, it was not fun at ALL, but DAMN that was quick. They tell me to go set up an appointment for after I get back from vacation, but I still have no idea where I am. Dad comes to pick me up, and voila, I'm home. Now, I really dont know if I blacked out or if it was really THAT quick, but my mouth is allready much less swolen than before, and hurts much much less! Life is good, and it should feel normal soon. Im going to be human again!
Ow ow ow ow ow ow OUCH.

Im hopefully having oral surgery in 4 hours. If they arent really gonna do it today, they damn well better not even wake me up. Im NOT leaving that office with the same number of teeth I go in with.

Oh, and if you arent keeping track, so far this week...

Strep Throat (mostly over now)

Major stomach pains (probably due to tons of meds with no food)

Much dizziness, includign blacking out a few times and not being able to walk once (see above reason)

Insane tooth pain (Hopefully to be taken care of at 8:30 am)

Swolen eye (spread infection? icing on the cake?)

Really screwed up neck (Which I cant get fixed until my mouth feels decent enough to let someone touch my face without me slapping them)

So, at least now you know where I've been.

Wednesday, November 14, 2001

Things my Girlfriend and I have argued about is a most amusing list. Rich's would be considerably shorter. I wish I had a list of "Things Kenny & I have argued about" and "Things Kelly and I agreed on" could be two of the longest lists known to man. ACK! Here I go with the list making again! Rich laughed at me when I whined that my packing list for December was stuck on my computer. I dont know if he laughed because it was allready done, or because it existed. OH! And speaking of which, MY COMPUTER IS ALIVE!! Ever since my monitor died last week or so, I havent been able to get mom's monitor to work with my computer, but today after over an hour of time spent at the HP support site, playing around with display settings, and restarting about 500 times, it finally works! I am rejoicing.

Animal Planet quote of the day-"Crocodiles go through a several hour courtship called "foreplay". In other words, the male is actually nice to her for a few hours before breeding!" I really need to start updating my quote page again. I've been watching Animal planet pretty much non-stop since we got our satelite, which I'm sure has its good and bad qualities. Emergency Vets is the best, and not just because Im madly in love with Dr. Andy (Sorry honey, really! But but.. he's just out of vet school and... yeah, I'll go stand in the corner now. And would you believe I couldt find a single picture of him on the net? Psh, some age of technology!). I feel so incomplete without my daily dose of Emergency Vets and Wildlife Rescue, and Moorpark 24/7, and Total Zoo and Keepers and Vet school Confidential and Crocodile Hunter..well, those arent all on every day, but you get the point. I DETEST the Jeff Corin Experience.. that man is annoying. He and the host from the Funniest Animals show should...well.. be gotten rid of in some dreadful manner. Sorry, Im just too sick to be creativly violent.

Reason why im happy to be back with my computer #3565- I can open that 35th IE window with no fear if it crashing. Goooood computer.

Vacation is now 17 days away, and Im filling little details into my schedule, adding names and feeling like quite the social butterfly. Im glad I have a lot of people to meet up with, because Im really afraid that I will be end up by myself for a while and have NO idea what to do. I'm sure it will provide some amazing time for taking photos, and really noticing things I never have.. but Im still afraide I will get lonely!

In case you're terribly curious, here's the temporary schedule:

Dec. 1- Leave here at 6, Hopefully see Kelly during my layover, Arrive really really late

Dec. 2- Sleep in, Christmas Party @ Magic Kingdom @ 8pm with about 120 people from the DIS boards

Dec 3- Epcot, hopefully joined by Katie. There's a live taping of Who Wants to Millionare at MGM, so I may try to get tickets to that. Just in honor of Daves Regis Story.

Dec. 4- Keys to the Kingdom tour at MK, perhaps MGM at night, where I will most certaily get in to the hot seat at Millionare.

Dec. 5- Check in to the lovely Animal Kingdon Lodge, Backstage Safari at 8:45 am, Lunch at Rainforest Cafe, Lodge Tour & Storytelling @ the lodge firepit at night.

Dec. 6- Day to relax on my balcony and watch the giraffes and zebras and such. Maybe do something..

Dec. 7-Check in to the Polynesian.. my favorite place on earth!

Dec. 8- Have room service deliver some Tonga Toast, and enjoy it out on my balcony, overlooking my favorite place on earth. Then, take the monorail to MK. Hang out for a while, and then take a boat over to check in to my well loved Wilderness Lodge.

Dec. 9- Sea World with Katt, if she still loves me enough to drive!

Dec. 10- RICH comes to see me! Oh joy and rapture! Drag him around Epcot, and watch Illuminations that night.***

Dec. 11- Happy birthday to me! Magic Kingdom with Rich.. maybe go get a massage at one of the spas or something.

Dec. 12- Say bye to Rich :( Find something to take my mind off him leaving

Dec. 13- Last day! Finish up anything I havent done and really want to do.. make feeble attempts at stuffing everything I have into my suitcases and end up buying extra bags to carry things home in. Hopefully catch up with Kel on my layover again.

Vacation is such hard work.

Tuesday, November 13, 2001

This made my day! I would adopt him, but I cant spare the money right now.
I forgot to mention that as of yesterday, they finally talked me into going to the Christmas Party at the Magic Kingdom on December 2nd, so I will be there with about 110 others from the DIS Boards, and of course, about 19,900 other people.

And while talking to kelly, I remembered this from a few days ago. Proof that I have obvious issues with denial. And have seen certain movies far too many times.

Rich: You're sick!

Me: No Im not!

Rich: You need to go to a doctor!

Me: I dont want to go on the cart! I feel happy!

And a lesson learned. Dont ask me for literary advice when Im on antibiotics...

Kel: Decide what I should write my one act play about.

Crystal: how about this guy and this girl that are from feuding families that end up dying because they cant be together?

Kel: Hm, you may have something there!

Kel: That sounds very original!

Crystal: thanks!

Crystal: OR you could do this one where this girl wants to date, but she cant until her older sister does, but her sis is kinda a.. oh, whats a good word for it? a shrew?

Kel: WoW! You are really good at this!

Kel: Uhm.

Kel: Shaun and I were on Jerry Springer? (See, KEL reads my blog the second I post! Hah! Thats why she is my favorite!)

Crystal: OR you could write one about a mermaid that falls in love with a human so she trades her voice for legs with this sea witch..

Kel: I have no idea where my desk is.

Crystal: and ummmmm.. check under your computer
Look at me, home from work. Im amused that after going more than a month with no days off, I take one day off, and it turns in to nearly a week. Lou sent me home from work yesterday because I looked miserable, so I went to the chiropractor. I mentioned my throat hurt, so he took a look at it, and said he was pretty darn sure I had strep throat. Greeeeat. There was also a whole deal with getting my ears to drain, but ill spare you the details on that one. He set me up an appointment at a doctor's office I've never been to, seeing that recently I've been pretty fed up with my doctors. He sent me off, insisting that I call and let him know how things went. It was so nice to have a doctor that actually knew what he was doing, but was genuinely concerned for me too.

Off to the doctor. Apparently this guy's been working at the hospital for a while, and decided he wanted his own practice. The interresting part is that its located in my old dentist's office. The normal doctor wasnt in, so I mostly just saw nurses. Now, by this point I was not a very happy camper. 19 days until my trip, and I was sick. I had to miss work, when I really really needed the money. And, hey, I was really sick, who can be happy about that? One of the nurses looked at my throat for a while and said they were going to do that giant q-tip of death strep test. I couldnt hold back a few tears, because I'd been crying most of the day, and I really detest even the mention of any sort of tests. The nurse could obviously tell that i wasnt exactly having a fabulous day, so she talked to someone else, and they decided that since my throat looked so bad, I needed the antibiotics anyway, so they were going to skip the test and just give me the drugs. Thank God!

While I was waiting to pay, the first nurse came over and was hugging me and said she could tell I was just physically and mentally exhausted, and was just SO nice! I really like this new office.

They think I should take the rest of the week off, but Im gonna try taking off today and tomorrow, and see from there. I'll probably be spending ungodly amounts of time at my computer, so please send me lots of email, and maybe some chicken soup. And especially send me links to your blogs if I dont know you, because Im gonna need some stuff to read!

On another note, for anyone who has been living under a rock, an American Airlines jet crashed in New York yesterday morning. I was just starting to feel confident about flying again. Things were going to be ok. I leave in 18 days, spending over 4 hours on planes. American Airlines planes. I'm not going to let fear keep me from experiencing life, but it really does darken the mood a bit. Kelly is flying in just over a week. There are no words for my worry. All this time, its been strangers on these planes. I have so much sympathy for those lost and their families. But now, its my best friend and myself, doing something that just a few months ago millions of people did daily without a second thought, but that we now worry about to no end. Terrorism is certainly named appropriatly.

And just because I cant end on a bad note, I had the funniest dream last night that Kelly and Shaun were on Jerry Springer.

Sunday, November 11, 2001

My head is throbbing, so I am trying to distract myself by blogging. Yesterday, I drove up to Springfield for my hair appointment (Its dark brown with medium brown hilights now, instead of medium with light!), and then decided to kill the time before the wedding at the mall. *I* bought a skirt. Me. I haven't bought a skirt since back when I did speech tournaments in high school.. I actually think the last time I bought one was my freshman year. So.. nearly 6 or 7 years later, I actually bought a skirt.

After shopping, I still had some time to kill, so I went over to Barnes & Noble. They did not have any Neil Gaiman books, which made me sad. I was just getting ready to leave, as I had to get to the wedding, when I started feeling REALLY sick. Knowing I wasnt gonna be able to go anywhere soon, I grabbed a Van Gogh book and found an empty chair. I ended up sitting around for quite a while, and by the time I left, it was 2:05. The wedding was at 2, and 20 minutes away. No wedding for me! Most everything was a blur while I drove the 45 minutes home, and when I got here, I promptly fell asleep. I woke up at about 8 feeling like that chick in Alien with the creature coming out of her stomach. My stomach hurt. My back hurt. My neck hurt. My throat hurt. I HURT. I took some medicine, and once I could see straight again, went in to lay down and watch TV. YES! We have TV now! Many many many channels, which means that my free time is now spent watching Animal Planet and Discovery Health channels. So, there I was, with insane stomach pains, watching a lovely show on marsupials. I must say, despite the fact that I could barely see straight, I died laughing at the mating rituals of the koala bear. The male makes this noise that sounds like a mixture between a burp and a chainsaw, while the female makes a screaming sound, with a gagging look on her face, and then she starts choking. Afterwards, they fight. Perhaps you have to see it, but it was damn funny.

So, this morning, the first morning I was allowed to sleep in until 9 in MANY weeks, I woke up at 7:15, still sick. I dont know if I'm going to work or not. I think I'll go lay back down now, but I wanted to reassure you guys that I'm not dead, even though I feel like it.

Wednesday, November 07, 2001

OMG, I take it back. THIS is a far, far better idea when I have kids!

Rich, are you taking notes?
I'm going to go crazy if I dont get some normalcy around here soon. I feel like I live in a snow globe that someone has shaken up, just to see everything float around, and I'm trying desperately to get everything back the way it was. I hate moving.

I think that this is a fabulous idea. Years from now when I have a kid, I want to keep a good record for them, so when they get older, we can remember the moments of their childhood together. I find myself taking mental note of all these things I want to do for my kids when I have them. I suppose its time to start another list.

Terrifying moment of the day: Seeing that I'm on mom's computer, I dont have my nice file of "Nifty Blog Stuff", so I had to go to my blog to look up how to do that footnote. Well, I put in the URL, and got "That Page is Not Found". Thankfully, I had typed cowigrlup. Heh.

Today, I learned that everything I thought I knew about math is very wrong. I learned this at the Guess? store trying on jeans. Now, first of all, when they get all technical and list jeans sizes with the waist size instead of normal sizes, I'm confused to begin with. I knew my waist was somewhere around 31, but you never know, so I grabbed the 32's and 34's, just in case I was fatter than I felt today. I went in, and tried on the 34's first, and as expected, I could pull them out a few inches in front of me. Handy place to store a drink, but not quite the fashion statement I was looking for. So, I tried on the 32's. They were skin tight! Now tell me.. 34 and 32 are only 2 inches apart, RIGHT? So why was there about 6 inches of difference? I am now discontented with Guess, because they really, really confused me.

My latest "Gotta have it in the fridge all the time" item is sparkling juice. Right now I have a sparkling Burgundy that is wonderful. However, the Red Cabaret is atrocious! Sparkling peach is to die for.. pear is good.. sparkling cider is in the fridge, freshly purchased and waiting to be tasted. AND, did you know they have chocolate cream Oreos now!? God really does love me.

On a rather sad note, although Mike may live, Splash, my lovable goldfish, no longer does. So far he is the only casualty of our move, although I think my monitor may be added to the list.. its still not working. I did, however, get 2 lovely new goldfish. One is huge- orange and white.. the other is the tiny 38 cent variety, and is orange and black. He actually has a ring of black around his lips, giving him the appearance of wearing black lipstick. Photos coming soon, please help me decide on names for them!

While searching for new paint colors for my bathroom, I found a lovely light purplish pink shade called Honesty. If Honesty is a pastel purple-pink.. that really messes up my Wildflowers poem! (There is a reference to the color of honesty, for those of you who arent majoring in Crystal Poetry this semester)

You know those commercials where they say yada yada yada.. "They dont take American Express! Visa. Its everywhere you want to be." Well, I found my way into one last week. I went to the supermarket for the essentials (cheese, crackers, and sparkling grape juice.. dinner of champions!), and when I got to the checkout counter, the woman leered at me and said "We dont TAKE American Express!" in a very nasty tone that makes me highly suspect she works for Master Card or something. Luckily I had my bank card with me, but really! What self-respecting grocery store doesnt accept money in any form you are willing to give it to them?! On an amusing note, this particular grocery store gives you coupons on the backs of your reciepts. This time, I got one for $1 off one of these cheap-o Mexican Microwave Dinners I get occasionally. However, they only cost 99 cents. I have to worry about a food the company is willing to PAY me a penny to eat. Hummmm... This made me decide that all homeless people really need access to a mircrowave. Get a free microwave dinner, PLUS they give you a penny! The homeless guy with a flare for enchaladas dream come true!

We still dont have TV, so I rented 4 movies tonight. I'll let you know how they are.

Conversations with Kelly:

Kel: What colour??

Crystal: we live in America

Kel: Uhm, yes.

Kel: We do.

Crystal: color.


Kel: Theatre!

Crystal: idiote!

Kel: rofl!

See what happens when I cant blog for a week!?

Tuesday, November 06, 2001

Kelly says I need to post, and so I must. I've missed my computer so much, and now I still cant have it back! I finally got it all hooked up in my room, and the monitor wouldn't work, so I "borrowed" mom's. THEN the phone lines in my room wouldn't work! So I am back on mom's computer, missing mine very much.

This CD should be in everyone's collection.

Would you believe that I actually took notes on things I wanted to blog about while I was computerless, and now I am too tired to post them? Soon, I promise.

Sunday, November 04, 2001

In response to Kel's question in a comment under the MIKE LIVES! post...I just moved, and my phone wont be on until late Monday, so my only net access has been Sat & Sun at work, and that has been really limited!

And, um, hon? The colors on my comments are screwed up! Or maybe its just this computer...

Wednesday, October 31, 2001


We moved today. Late tonight, I took my fish from the old house to the new, and my cat was at my new house. None of us took her there. She had never been there before. It was 5 miles away.

Someone, explain? Please?

Monday, October 29, 2001

Desire to write

More than I desire air

Beauty on paper

We chased after lightning bugs

And knew that we would be famous one day.

A bundle of baloons could carry us to the sun,

And we would still be home in time for dinner.

We drank lemonade in the afternoon sun.

Life was simple,

Though in our imagination we made it a great adventure,

As life should always be.

I find myself wanting more lately. More everything. I want to read more books and see more movies and be more educated about more things. I want to surround myself with more beautiful works of art, and more people I know I can rely on.

Today is Marathon Monday on the history channel, which I have been watching at work, as my tv at home is..well.. tv-less until we get moved. And oh! The greatness! Today's marathon is Haunted History! Oh joy! Oh bliss! What a reminder of why I love halloween. I've been sitting happily on my broyhill sofa, macadamia nut cookie in one hand, mug of milk in the other, happy as can be watching this lovely Haunted History marathon. I learned that there used to be a tribe of indians in what is now Key West, that were completly wiped out by invaders. They left their bodies on the beaches to rot, and so when the Spanish came, they saw the sand covered in bones, and named it "Cayo Wayso" (Um, okay, thats what it sounded like. The spelling is an absolute shot in the dark) Anyway, they named it something that translated to island of bones. Over time, we have changed the pronounciation to Key West. Apparently, Ernest Hemmingway likes to haunt a famous hotel there, and does not like VCR's. The most disturbing story, by far, was the of this girl in the 1920's who had teberculosis, and the doctor that she was visiting, a man in his 50's (she was 22) fell madly in love with her. After she died, he got permission from her family to have her body moved to a moseleum he had built for her. Then, around 10 months after her death, he stole the body, and began reconstructing it! He made her new skin, and put in glass eyeballs, etc. Eventually the girl's sister began to feel that the body was no longer where it should be, and the doctor finally showed her the reconstructed body. There was a huge public funeral, which 8500 people attended, to see this oddity. They showed the body- EWW EWW!! And then the clincher- doctors performed an autopsy after the body was taken back, and found that the doctor had been having sex with the reconstructed body! EWW EWWWW!!

Oh, history channel, how I love thee. Old keyboard with the volume controls, oh how I miss ye. Computer at work which freezes if I open more than 2 IE windows.. I miss you not.

Sunday, October 28, 2001

Ah yes, still at work. Hoping to leave within an hour. Keep your fingers crossed. I would, but my fingers are so cold I can barely type. While reading Out of Order, my Blog of the Day, she mentioned the 1st day of winter, which got me thinking. Isnt it rediculous that December 21 is the first day of winter? I think it should be mid-november at the latest, really. Well, early December. Thanksgiving is still Fall to me, evne though it usually snows here a week after. Well, my town has a very screwed up idea of Christmas. Its not even halloween, and they allready have christmas decorations up, as well as these red, white, and blue stars hanging from the lamp posts (is that one word or two?) along the main street, making it look like a horrible combination of Christmas and the 4th of July. I really should take some photos. Coincidentally, we start the Christmas show at work on Wednesday, which means new outfits, and.. CAMELS! Many pictures to follow, of course. And I'm gonna talk them into letting me ride a camel this year if it kills me.

Wow, now that I've gotten off on almost every tangent possible, I think I will go back to reading this lovely blog.
Mostly just copied from my email to Kel this morning, because I'm too lazy to reword it...

I was looking through some airline ticket pages today, checking fares for

December, and I came across a $200 one for my Orlando tickets! And that's

including all taxes and everything! Well, after MUCH MUCH debate (apparently

not enough), I bought it.. This is what I ended up with..

Depart: Springfield/Branson Airport: 6pm, Dec.1


Depart: Dallas Freakin Fort Worth:8:52pm

Arrive: Orlando: 18 minutes after midnight.

And on the 13th..

Depart: Dizzy World: 6pm

Arrive: Dallas Double Freakin Fort Worth: 9:03 pm

Depart: DFW- 9:03pm

Arrive: Home-10:53

And oh yes.. the airline? American Airlines. I'm estatic. I probably could have gotten this just as cheap or cheaper through Priceline, and not been flying after 10pm, which would be very nice. On the good side, however, I'll get to see Kelly on my layovers! Yay!

Saturday, October 27, 2001


"Is it just me or does a lot of life come down to the desire to have other

people see something in you that you don't see in yourself?"
This horse is very visibly related to mine.
I left long enough to go to the gas station for something to eat, and ended upw ith a bottle of strawberry kiwi V8 Splash, and a bag of Funyins (Quite the combination, I know). I parked in the parking lot of the hotel next door to eat for a few minutes, and noticed that something was just.. not right.. about my V8. Upon closer examination, I found that it was diet V8. Now tell me, was there really a huge uproar that the original fruit-vegetable juice drink was so unhealthy that the masses demanded a diet version? It tastes very watered down, but hey, its 20 calories in the whole bottle.

And, while I sat there in the parking lot, I began to wonder for no real reason, what would happen in a world when, upon the death of a person, they no longer existed in history. Nobody would remember they were ever around. The wife whose husband had just died would be living alone, and not find it at all out of the ordinary. Hummm... anyone see a sci-fi novel in the making?
I have decided as a sort of early new years resolution to read at least 20 good books by the end of 2002, and so I am therefore taking suggestions. So, throw some ideas my way. And yes, Kelly, I'll read something by Neil Gaiman.

I'll post the official List of Books I'm Gonna Read by December, so start sending ideas. Oh, and if you could throw in a quick note about what the book is about, it would be greatly appreciated!
The Good: I have ice cream cake

The Bad: I can't eat it

The Ugly: I will be here for around 4-6 more hours
In the hour and a half I have been at work, they have allready played "Play that Funky Music White Boy" and now "All My Friends Drive Low Riders". To a room full of 50+ year old people. Heh.

Thursday, October 25, 2001

How does the time slip by so quickly? One minute its early in the day and I have a long mental list of things to do.. the next I really should sleep soon, and haven't done a thing. I wish I could have a nice discussion with Time, and ask him to explain why he does this. Yes, Time is definitly male, as I dont understand him at all. I wish that for just one week, I didn't have to care about what time it was, and live by my own biological clock, sleeping when I felt the need, never rushing, never having to put off what I wanted to do until later, and by that time no longer be in the mood.

My muse has gone on vacation without me. When will I regain the ability to see poetry in the sky instead of distant balls of burning gas?

Little Betta Fish

Red and Periwinkle Blue

His name is Gatsby

Every time I start to write poetry, the same lyric pops into my head..

Cool breeze and autumn leaves, slow motion daylight...

Sunday, October 21, 2001

Oh lorrrrrrrrd have mercy on me. I'm on hold with American Express, and I'm getting that "Please continue to hold, your call is important to us" crap in between the muzak. Why cant they just have an automated card activation thingey? This guy on the line sounds SO bored, im tempted to mess with his mind, but I just cant bring myself to do it. He's one of those that doesnt even TRY to make it sound like he isnt reading the same thing he has read over and over for the past six hours. Poor kid.

How has the end of October snuck up on me so quickly? Our Dixie halloween party is Tuesday, and I havent even thought about a costume. Or if I will even go. I love dressing up for halloween, but its far too late to *make* a costume like I did last year, unless I did a really half-assed job. I guess I'll go to some costume places Tuesday, and if I find something really good, I'll get it and maybe go to the party.

Any costume suggestions?
Sometimes I wish I were a teacher, just for things like this. (from here)

"Have been grading student papers. Favorite mistake: student who used "exorcise" instead of "exercise" throughout his paper. Imagine sentences like "We have to exorcise our first amendment rights." I took great pleasure in writing, in the margin, "To exorcise is to get rid of a demon. Is that what you wanted to say?" Then I drank whiskey to numb the relentless internal pain I feel when grading freshman papers."
Option 1: Grab champagne bottle from nearby table and get in a better mood.

Option 2: Bang head repeatedly into computer monitor

Option 3: Wait for this last couple to FINALLY leave, and be able to go home.

I cant help but wonder if the sales reps are jealous of me. There are 13 standing against the wall by the water cooler doing nothing, and I can just see the thought bubbles that say "Damn I wish I was the chick with the computer"
I attempted to post the other night, but Blogger ate it, so here is the general idea.

After training for my new office job, I was really unsure about what I was going to do about my job at Dixie as I drove to the doctor's office. While I was sitting in the waiting room, I looked around and saw a poster that read "Achievement: Unless you try to do something beyond what you have mastered, you will never grow"
Stolen from

From Magnificent Melting Object: "Rasbliutto means 'the feeling you feel for someone you once loved' in Russian."

I'd like to find a use for that word. Maybe I need to get a new betta and name it Rasbliutto.

Someone just popped a champagne cork, and it flew and hit the wall less than a foot from my head with a loud Thwack!

In other amusing news, one of the guys just had me make him a nametag that said his name was "Little Prick" for the halloween party.

This job really isnt half bad!
Well, I ventured out to one of the little shops... it was full of the sort of thing you expect to see in your grandma's or eccentric old aunt's house.. and yet they had surprisingly good music playing. I may have to start making scheduled evacuations of my office every time they play "Come on Ride the Train."

And it also posed quite the question. They have tiny bags of Jelly Bellys, but they are sold with a gift bag for $2. So, the burning question is, will Crystal shell out $2 for 20 jellybeans? We shall see!
I'm so hungry even the hot dogs are starting to look good.

Overheard at the ol' office: (Ol' as in I've worked here 11 hours allready!)

Man putting on a tie: So he said something about me not wearing a tie?

Overheard at office 20 minutes later:

Lady to Man Now wearing Tie: So who exactly told you you needed to put on a tie?

Oh, what issues we deal with.

Ohm and the ironic part, he just walked by. Heh.
Overheard at the doctor's office from the two receptionists:

First Lady: I think I need something from that stress relief book.

Second Lady: How about this one? Picture yourself by a beautiful waterfall. The water is so clear that you can clearly see.... the head of the person you are holding under. Feel better?

Hell, I sure did!
I wish I were writer enough to find words to describe the insanity I am immersed in for 10 hours a day on weekends. From the outside, it looks like a little shopping center similar to any other... but our office takes up about half.. and inside this innocent looking facade there is constand 80's or 90's dance music, champagne corks popping almost every hour, bells ringing, tons of helium balloons... its just odd.

Elsewhere in the shopping center is a restaurant, a hardware store, a chiropractor and massage therapist (closed on weekends, dammit), a store full of the really ugly clothes women in their 50's and up tend to wear (The store is actually called Dressin Gaudy), a tanning place, and a lingire/ "adult novelties" store, and a Japanese restaurant. Hummmmm...

I need to stop by Dressin Gaudy because a) I hear they have some jewelry with camels on it and b) what fun it is to laugh at ugly clothes! And the other amusing store...only if Rich is lucky!
You know, it rather pains me to admit this, but I think I'm starting to enjoy this job.

Saturday, October 20, 2001

Why, oh why haven't they put up the SimuCon 2002 info yet!? WHY!?
I have a desk. I dont really have an office, but I have a desk. There is a computer here... and about 28572 other people in this room that are all very loud.

On the good side...

There are free hotdogs, popcorn, and soda constantly.

I have internet access. Yeah, baby.

I can play with the card maker if I get brave. For instance, I could make myself a nametag that said "Exotic Dancer". We'll save that for a day when I'm really bored.

So, please, send me tons of Emails this weekend, so I dont go crazy here.

On the bad side..

I cant EAT, still.. hopefully my medicine will help soon.

When I can eat, I still cant have the hot dogs- they always make me sick, dammit.

I still have NO idea what I'm doing.

Its REALLY loud in here.

I'm gonna go broke with all the time I'm gonna spend on E-Bay.

Thursday, October 18, 2001

I almost downloaded "Wake Me Up Before You Go Girl" tonight, but then I realized it really is only fun when you're at work really bored and in the mood to dance on some furniture. Did I mention we had an amusing day at work? When things got really slow, I snitched the dish soap from the other side of the unit, mixed it up in a juice glass, and blew lots of bubbles. Oh! And Teela won dinner for 2 from a radio station.

Whew, I really do work too hard.

Sunday, October 14, 2001

Ahhhhh! So I woke up and show jumping was on ESPN, and I was even lucky enough to get to see Margie Goldstein Engle ride Hidden Creek's Laurel! That in itself was enough to make my day. Well THEN I switch over to ESPN 2 and there is barrel racing, and Charmayne Janes on Cruiser!! What a fabulous day. Now if Ty Murray rides bulls, I think I can die happy.

Saturday, October 13, 2001

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night to our fire alarm going off! I ran in the kitchen, and the stove was on FIRE! A few seconds later, my parents came running in too, and we got it put out, thankfully! Apparently it had a gas leak, and the fire was *just* starting to spread to the wall!

Such a scary thing to happen! I'm so thankful for the fire alarm!

Wednesday, October 10, 2001

My Kelly has redesigned! By coincidence, we are both oceany now! We are just cool like that.
I did it again. Two keyboards in ONE week. A pepsi was the weapon of choice this time, and alas, the keyboard... it lived a good life while it lasted. Kindly remind me in the future not to lay keyboards under precariously balanced drinks. Poor, poor keyboard.

I still can't eat. I miss eating like a normal person so much! On the good side, I've lost almost 10 pounds, but I'm sure that given the circumstances that isnt such a good thing.
Thing I hate the most: The damn recorded operator voice from my calling card that says "Yout have five minutes before you reach your daily calling limit" at the most inoportune times.

Sunday, October 07, 2001

Oh, its lovely now! All that is left is to fix the link colors!
Yeah, I know its currently still a little hard to read.. I'm working on it.
While searching for wallpaper murals to decorate my new house, I came across these, and wondered how many people have them up in their houses, and are now saddened by the feeling they get every time they see them. I had to post them, because they hold a haunting beauty to me.

This burn on my hand from the oven at work is refusing to heal, and it reminds me of what Emmett's neck looked like when he tore it open last winter, but much less disgusting. Speaking of Ems, the guy who boards him called and said he probably just got kicked, and that he will keep an eye on him for me. Whew!
I have this odd habit of loving drinks mixed from various beverages. My personal favorite includes Strawberry Banana V8, Orange Juice, Sprite, Squirt, and a splash of strawberry SoBe. Today, while drinking my 7-Up and Strawberry Kiwi V8 Splash mixture, I realized quite sadly, that I had created the "7 & 8"
The thing I really hate about packing everything up to move is that it forces me to acknowledge that I have a ton of crap that I never use, and can't bear to part with. I wish I had the willpower to actually go through everything and get rid of what I dont need and such, but in the end, I just dump stuff in boxes.

Oh, and its really, really boring.

Saturday, October 06, 2001

You know you have been spending too much time on Ebay lately when you just paid for something, and can't quite remember what it was. But hell, it was $5.
This color, Kel?
My sweet horse is hurt :( I went to check on him, and he was limping really bad. Keep your fingers crossed for him!

Thursday, October 04, 2001

Okay, so I traded my keyboard, with the broken space bar and backspace key... for mom's with the shift key that gets stuck every time I use it. So, um, at least I'm moving up, right?
Well, Lou decided I looked sick today (after about my 100th sneeze), so he sent me home at 10:30, and yup, I got paid for being there until 2. Have I mentioned I LOVE that job? I came home and slept from 11-3, went to Dixie, where Teela let me go home. Have I mentioned I love Teela too? So, now I'm back, and trying to stuff myself with nutrients (yay for V8 Splash!) so I can feel human again. At first I was really excited, because I thought today was the 11th, and I would be home for both the good Friends episode AND the Survior premiere, but then I figured out thats NEXT Thurs. Damn.

I'm starting to worry that I really *am* becoming a work-a-holic. When I got home from Dixie, I had to force myself to lay down for 15 minutes, and then I cleaned my fish and started cleaning my room. Why can't I just relax?

58 days! 58 days till vacation- THANK GOD!

In sad news, my keyboard is dead, so I have sneakily stolen mom's. Muahahahah.

Wednesday, October 03, 2001

Okay, Its not pretty yet, but I suppose I can go ahead and link you to our Camel Blog, the collaborative babblings of Kelly, Stormy, Rich, and myself.

Maggie's post over at Fluffly Battle Kitten today cracked me up. Many of you know I have an unusual fear of REO Speedwagon now.

After a doctor's appointment yesterday, and taking medicine last night that made me pass out for several hours, and generally feel like I was run over by a bulldozer (repeatedly), I feel a lot better today, and I just managed to eat a whole sandwich without dying for the first time in a loooong time.

Friday night was Tom and Diana's last night at dixie, so a bunch of us went out to BT Bones for some dinner and dancing. I wasn't planning on getting anything, but they make you spend at least $5 on nights when there is a live band, so I just ordered some cheese sticks and let the guys eat them. As everyone was leaving, Wes and I tried to go play pool in the back room, but people were playing, so we waited. Tom and Diana were ready to go before we got to play, so that one will have to be a raincheck. Overall, it was a great night. Tom and Diana dancing together was really cute, and its one of the few nights I've ever not had my camera and needed it!

I've been working alone at Palace View for the last two days, and so its been a little boring. I need some company, or phone calls, or something! The maintainance guy informed me today that I could go have sex with him if I got bored, but that's a big no. I'll stick with watching TV, thanks.

Friday, September 28, 2001

You know, I spent a lot of time at the horse auction thinking of how I would describe it to you, but now that I'm home, I'm too tired to remember. We sat in the livestock arena, clouds of smoke lingering overhead to oversee the activities. The stands were crowded with people in Wranglers and cowboy boots, at least half of which seemed to be ancient cowboys. In one balcony sat an amish father and son, most likely there to sell mules or grade horses, as they always seemed to be. In the opposite balcony sat the Cutest Cowgirl Ever, as I must award her. She bought an adorable pony for her daughters. I bought nothing. I looked around at the cowboys and said yum a lot. Horses were going really really cheap. Too bad I'm poor. At Wendys on the way home, my total was $1.38, and I gave the girl $1.32, and was getting more change when she said thanks and closed the window. Um, okay. 6 cents for me!

Thursday, September 27, 2001

You know, I forgot to mention, at my new job I feel like I'm on some kind of sitcom.. sitting around in my pretty little appartment baking cookies with my friend, and of course the wacky neighbors (aka the other workers) stop by for cookies. It all feels so.. odd.
Check out my new nametag!

I got up at the crack of dawn this morning to go bake cookies. This is the coolest job ever! I get paid more starting than I do at dixie after being there 3 years... I just bake cookies, watch TV, and sit around! And eat cookies. I was still on the clock while I went to Hardees and back to pick up lunch. My boss let me leave at 12:45, even though I was still on the clock until 2. This is some good stuff.

Then, after a break at home, I went to work at dixie. Someone who was an extra today begged me to let her print, so I did, and I'm home again. Yay!

Amusing sign seen on a truck at wal-mart last night.. "WANTED-Bin Laden, Dead or Not Alive"

Wednesday, September 26, 2001

Well, I'm being instantly flipped from a lifestyle in which I go to bed at 5am to one in which I must get up at 7:30am. Its going to be hard to adjust to!! However, it will pay bills. That is a very good thing. And so, I put up with it.
As promised, a picture of the dress the size of rhode island.

Monday, September 24, 2001

Well, I was quite the southern belle today. I had chocolate colored ringlets down to my shoulders, a strand of tiny pink stones around my neck, and.. one big ol' honkin belle dress. But, yeah, work was fun.. I greeted today, and it took at LEAST a half hour for the poor wardrobe lady to get me dressed. Then, I went to get UN-dressed after work, and I was trapped in the dress! I was so poked and smushed and pinned, it was almost impossible to get out! But it was definitly fun to get paid to stand around and look cute, rather than my usual WORK.
I couldn't find the place. How sad is that? "Yes, I would love to work for you.. but, it seems the problem is I cant figure out where the hell you are". I parked at the resort, and wandered aimlessly for about 20 minutes, searching for where I was supposed to talk to Lou about the job, and finally gave up. I feel pathetic.
69 days until I go to Florida! Or is it 68 now? Can you tell its 4:30 am and I'm really really really bored? Yeah, thought so. You see that nice link over there that says email me? Use it! Entertain me! I beg of you!
You know, I think part of the reason I get so stressed is that I tend to regard so many things with a sense of great importance. Some people can get new jobs and quit others without blinking, where as I look over every detail 17 times, think, rethink, and think a bit more before decisions are made. I think I tend to forget that if it doesnt work out, its not anything I can't handle.

I am in dire need of an adventure.
By the way, does anyone know what happened to I miss it so.

Sunday, September 23, 2001

Too cute.

"$50,000!" I said quickly, as Jessica and I prepared to snap a wishbone. She won. "Darn! I guess I'll have to keep my job" I mumbled.

Half hour later, Anna brings me half of a Hundred Grand candy bar, and tells me my wish has come true.

Too cute.
Can I please, please, please stay home today? I will read Still Life With Woodpecker, and listen to it rain, and talk to Kelly, and post to our new blog that isnt quite ready for you to see yet... and it will be so much fun! Please, may I stay home from work?

Oh, yeah, I'm poor. Bye.

Saturday, September 22, 2001

A nice little survey, stolen from Fluffy Battle Kitten who stole it from zalary who stole it from Kristine, who stole it from Leesa, who got it from who knows where.

wallet: black day-planner thingey

hair brush: Gotta use a pick or wide-toothed comb on this mane of mine

toothbrush: Green and white one.. I think its made by Mentadent

jewelry worn daily: Silver ring that says "Faith"

pillow cover: White with a celestial design.

coffee cup: I have a few, but my favorite is a HUGE one from the disney store that has Cinderella and says "A Princess shouldnt have to work this hard"

sunglasses: *really* cheap ones from the dollar store, because I always spend way too much on sunglasses and then break or lose them.

shoes: Not wearing any right now.. usually black lace-up Laredo boots, or my new brown Justin boots that I love.

nailpolish: None right now, I need to paint them.

keychain: I have one of those beaded ones with my initials, a horse, a little tropical island, the 3-eyed alien from toy story, and the Disney Cruise line logo.

computer: HP Pavillion

favorite top: You know, I dont think I have a favorite right now. Whatever is clean works for me

favorite pants: Humm, my dark blue wind pants are REALLY comfy, and I like my new jeans, and my rockies, and my wranglers..

shampoo/conditioner: Ion Tea Shampoo, Herbal Essences conditioner.

perfume: Usually none, but im wearing Mary Kay Velocity right now, because I got samples in the mail today and wanted to try it out

car: 2001 silver Ford Ranger XLT. I might trade it for a toyota tundra soon.

television & stereo: Small Zenith TV borrowed from my dad, and Sanyo cd player

telephone: Very plain, utilitarian white one, and also a computer-grey colored cordless

cellphone: The nice free nokia they gave me when I signed up

watch: Blue metallic face on a brown might-be-leather band

computer chair: Big white lawn chair, most likely from Wal-Mart lawn and garden department

keyboard: the one that came with my computer.

printer: HP Something or another

scanner: UMAX Astra 300P. It sucks now, and puts big lines across everything

lamp: Nope, my poor room is illuminated by two lightbulbs overhead, although one always seems to be out.

desk: A lovely brown wooden one my dad got for like $10 at an auction that I have scribbled notes on and painted doodles on with nailpolish.

Tuesday, September 18, 2001

I remember when I first started blogging, about a year ago.. I was so nervous about sharing. I would re-read what I wrote several times before I posted it, and for a while, it really was terrifying. Now, obviously, I don't even think about it. Its type-post, with no other thoughts about it. And now I'm setting up the page with some of my writing, and I know when I link it, I'll probably have some of that same nervousness I had when I first started blogging, but hopefully, I will soon be able to share writing much more. And therefore, maybe I will write more. We shall see.

I guess I just wanted to end the night/really early morning on a more positive note.
Rabi pointed out that Sept. 11, 2001 will probably end up in one of those last chapters of history books that you never have time to get to during the school year. Maybe 20 years from now, my own child will come home from her first day of school, and show me all her new books. And for some reason, I will be compelled to flip to those often ignored last chapters, and there it will be, and the memories and feelings will come rushing back. How will I react? How much will I remember about this past week? And if her class gets to that chapter, and she comes home and asks me if I remember it.. what stories will I tell? Will the first one that comes to mind be that of when I first heard the news? Will I first remember the entire day spent glued to the TV, saying a million times "This doesn't feel real". Will I tell her about when I finally just sat down and cried... tears that paused for a while over the following few days, but didn't stop for quite a while? Will I tell her what it was like to see the faces and read about the people who lost their lives? Or about feeling so unsafe for one of the first times? Or will I tell her about how one local store sold out of 20,000 American flags in 3 days. Will I remember my neighbor's pick-up with the massive flag in the back, and flags on each rear view mirror? Will the stories be about how Disney World held a 10-minute time of silence on the day of prayer & rememberance, and even the kids were quiet? That the Red Cross and hospitals around the country had lines so long for donations, they were having to turn people away, requesting that they come back the next day? Or maybe about things that will unfold in the next weeks. What will I tell her? Or will I just hug her, and quietly say "Yes, dear, I Remember."
..and now that I'm thinking about it, I'm terrified to go to bed, because I have this horrible feeling that in a few hours, Mom will wake me up and tell me a plane has crashed into somewhere, and with my same just-woke-up innosence, I shall ask "Did it hurt the building? Was anyone hurt?" just like I did seven days ago. And it will be a horrible repeat.. sort of like a week long version of Groundhog's Day. And I will cry a lot, and just when things start seeming normal again, I will start to feel the effects in my own city...

I know I'm just being silly. I will wake up tomorrow, and check my mail and get dressed and go see Teela at work and eat cookies with her, and go to my doctor's appointment and everything else. But then again, I had similar thoughts last monday night. Actually, I doubt I even thought that much about what I would be doing the next day.

No warning. Maybe that's what gets to me the most.

After the bomb threat at work Sunday, we had a long meeting about what to tell guests if they asked, and how to handle the press if they should show up. Who knew that Dixie had a bomb threat contingency plan? We were given the option to go home if we felt unsafe, but no one did. However, at various points throughout the day, as we were laughing and having fun, and doing our usual work things, it would occour to me that for all those thousands of people, it was just another day at work. Just like what I was doing now. They were joking with their co-workers just like I was right at that moment. They could be me, and I could be them... and holy crap a walnut just fell from the tree onto my roof making a loud noise and causing me to jump about three feet. Yes, I've been jumpy. Anyway.. I kept thinking about how here I was having a normal day at work.. and they were probably having a normal day at work.. but my day ended with me walking out to my truck and going home.. theirs... thiers ended.
One week ago, I had just gone to bed. One week ago, I had spent Monday evening at Wal-Mart, looking at fish, and at Subway getting a sandwich, and my whole world was very very normal. One week ago, plus about 6 hours, I was woken up by mom, and I lay in bed for at least a half hour listening to the news before I got online to see things. One week ago, the world changed, and.. I dont know what to say. We changed. Things changed. Normalcy changed.

I continue to notice how normal so many things are starting to seem now, as if nothing happened, but then there are the constant reminders, and I'm jerked back into reality. After the first few days, I suppose I stopped being amazed that the mail still came and TV shows were back on and the sun still rose and sat just like every other day. I don't know how to explain it, I'm still yet to regain my grasp on putting things into words.

I thought I could handle it by now, I've been so overexposed to it all, I've seen the image of the plane crashing into the second tower hundreds of times on TV, and millions more in my head. I thought I could handle it by now, but the pictures over at Like An Orb brought back that same horrible, sick feeling.
Because you know you've always wanted to know, here is What I Do At Work.

Oh, and the eminem's grandma chick called back today, and accused us of stealing her photo album. Perhaps some things run in the family...?

Sunday, September 16, 2001

Good heavens, what a day.

Lets start with the most amusing part-- we met Eminem's grandma. How cool is that?

We also had a bomb threat today at work, hours before we got there, but still, a bit creepy. We also had another.. security issue, but I don't want to say anything to protect the privacy of my coworkers. I'll just say it really makes me feel like nothing is safe anymore. To top it off, there were 3 cop cars that had pulled over a car on my road. To put things in perspective, less than two months ago, I was sleeping out on my back porch, not the least bit worried.

This is kinda how I have felt lately, in a not so literal sense. Kel, this is for you.
OIkay, after some wrestling with my CSS, I now have a happy little menu box over there again. I am still not quite sure if I like the colors. They will probably change a bit before I am really satisfied. I stll need a new title graphic, and to actually add links to the link buttons up there. Gimmie suggestions, or something.

Saturday, September 15, 2001

Okay, Kelly, tell me how you did it!! After a discussion with Kel tonight about how much she likes Bear in the Big Blue House, he is mysteriously on at 5am instead of Madeline. KEL HAS SCREWED WITH DISNEY PROGRAMMING!! This is going to really mess with my mind, you know. Out of the Box better be on next, I tell you!

Really, Kel, HOW?
Freshly showered, legs smooth as silk, skin soft, slipping into silky tank top and shorts, getting ready to slip into bed and read something by Tom Robbins, and then fall asleep to the early morning Disney cartoons, I feel more at peace and... comforted.. than I have in quite a while. I only hope it lasts.

Friday, September 14, 2001

Well, my page is now black.. much different than it was, but I think I kinda like the change. Tell me what you think! Thats why there is that nice comment link!
AOL has posted a collection of photos of victims of the terrorist attacks, mostly those that were on the hijacked planes.. and so now these horrible visions I have have faces to go on the faceless people that waited in terror for what they knew was immanent. I have got to stop replaying these scenes in my head before I drive myself crazy.

Wednesday, September 12, 2001

3rd damn time in a row!!!! Every few months, my company has a party called Strive for Five, where they draw out names, and every 5th or so person wins a prize. The last 8 people who havent been called go up on stage, as well as 2 they draw out of the "non-winners" box. Well, tonight, for the THIRD TIME IN A ROW, I was the 3rd one left up on stage. 1st time, Me, Shane, and Becky were up there, I got called down, they split the $1000. 2nd time it was me, Shane, and Megan. I got called down, Megan got the money. TONIGHT, it was me, Shane, and some tech guy named Ricky. As usual, I got called down, Ricky got the money. WHY CANT I WIN JUST ONCE!!???

I may go down in history as "The ALMOST winner". Next time, baby.. 4th time is the charm!

Tuesday, September 11, 2001

I think this may say it all.

For the first time in a really long time, I dont know what to say.

Monday, September 10, 2001

Okay, forget blogging for a while, I'm gonna go play the Sims.
At Subway, I ran into a girl I had gone to school with, and we had about 5 minutes to talk and catch up while the nice subway people made us food. Now, there were only about 160 people in my graduating class, so it was one of those situations where you *knew* almost everyone, and about 80 of us had been in school together since grade school. So, while she wasn't someone I ever really hang out with outside of school, I knew her semi-well. We talked about what we were doing now, and what some of our friends were doing.. Anyway, it was odd, just as running into people from school always is. The ironic part was standing at that counter reminded me of the old lunch lines, and although everything is constantly changes, some things just don't ever change.
Okay, so I missed about an hour of posting, but for worthy causes! I stopped by wal-mart first, and checked out the fish, but they were all rather ordinary looking. There was on really pretty blue one, but I won't allow myself to get any more blue. NO MORE! In the office supply aisle, there was a mom, little boy, and what I assumed was his older sister. He kept begging her to hold his hand, and she refused. It was sad, in a way. It made me think about how many people we come in contact with on a daily basis, and see just a fleeting moment of their life. It overwhelms me to think about how ALL of the people in the world have this long life story.. It also makes me wonder about all the possibilities we pass by every day. What would happen if I were to strike up a conversation with one of them? Would it change either of our lives?... I picked up some tab dividers, because I'm an organized person, and then set off for Subway.
Oops, I hope that didn't post twice. Anyway, I think I'm going to go get my sandwich, then stop by and check out the current stock of fish, just in case they have any I can't live without. I'm really not going to buy a new fish. Really. I mean it... (famous last words)
Its a good thing this is a very unofficial blog-a-thon, because I really want to go get a sandwich, and check out the new bettas at wal-mart. And, maybe just drive. Well, okay, I don't really NEED another betta. And maybe I can send dad off to get my sandwich. But then, I do want to drive...
Oh, my, what have I gotten myself into.. I have nothing to write about... what do I have left to say that I haven't said before? I suppose I'll find something to babble on about, but don't expect it to have substance.. not that I usually have much anyway... but I feel like that should be said. I just keep finding myself sitting here wishing something would happen. Anything, really..

Oh well, at least what little goes on these days has been amusing. Its the little things...
First of all, I would like to begin by pointint out that the clock on my computer is on crack. I *just* fixed it a few days ago, because it was about 10 minutes slow, and I just now had to do it again. In case you're wondering, there is no real reson for tonight's mass blogging other than that I feel like it. I'm going to try for every 15 minutes until 4am, but you may have to settle for every 30, depending on how things go.

Tonight was a pretty good night at work, and thankfully, this week the pretty good nights have outnumbered the "I am going to quit" nights, which is always a good sign. The best part is I get my $100 bonus wednesday, and a chance to win $1000. Keep your fingers crossed for me!

There is no pepsi in my house, which may make the 4am thing more than a little difficult. We'll see how it goes, and how long it takes for me to break down and just go buy some.

The fantastic news of the night is that I have now officially paid my down payment for my 1st 4 nights in Florida, and I'm going to make another payment as soon as I get my bonus on Weds. I feel like I should be on TV.. "Crystal, you've just survived one hellish summer at work! What are you going to do now?" "I'm going to Disney World!" I just got an email from my "Vacation Planner", and its the same chick who did my May trip, so I'm excited. Her middle name is Annette, which is my horse's first name (poor boy cant help it if he was named after a girl!), so that makes her cool. One of the fun things about the travel company I use is that they put together an itenerary for you, which I never really follow, but always has some really good info in it. In related news, I've really been busting my butt trying to 1) finish up my trip report from my May trip, before people start getting hostile from suspense, and 2)_Scannning all my pictures from May, and uploading them into a nice little photo album.
I've decided to do an 8-hour blog-a-thon, starting now, just for the hell of it. :) I decided on the way home from work I was in the mood to post, and decided to kick it up a bit. So, here we go :)

Sunday, September 09, 2001

Oh, and because I am post-happy tonight, and you KNOW you want to know..

My Current Shopping List

Hickory Smoked Soynuts

Maple Vanilla Pumpkin Seeds (Better than candy, I tell you!)

Sprite, Squirt, Orange juice, Strawberry SoBe, and V8 Splash Strawberry Banana (So I can make my funky mixed drink)

Frozen pizzas (Because that's what i live off of. The joys of not being able to cook!)
In 81 days, I will be in Florida. Please just keep reminding me that when I get cranky. I'm getting to that phase again where every now and then, something will remind me of vacation, and I just burst out into giggles. But, you would too, if in just 81 day, you were going to be here! And a few days after that, getting to stay here! And then my favorite, the Poly, which I couldn't find a good pic of right now! And then, my 2nd favorite, here! Um, yeah, I'm psyched. I'm especially excited to be staying at the ANimal Kingdom Lodge, because one, its NEW... compared to my well-loved Polynesian, which opened in 1971! Second, its beautiful, and las lots of sitting areas in the lobby, just like the Wilderness Lodge, and Third, there are gonna be giraffes outside my window. How often can you eat breakfast in your room watching zebras outside? YAY! Yes, kids, contrary to what you learned in school, the old South, Africa, tropical islands, and the pacific Northwest are all within a few miles of each other!
OH! And I am VERY upset that Kelly has yet to update me on the last few days! Dont leave me hanging here, sis!
A new co-worker very much pissed me off yesterday. Teela was saying how her mom had gone to Oklahoma for a few days, and she worried about her. This guy asked what part of Oklahoma, and then said "Oh, well there aren't too many Indians out in that part, so nobody should bother her." And he was serious! I was too shocked to speak. What do you say to that? Keep in mind that this guy was like 104 or something, and he actually quit today because being on his feet that much bothered him.

I cant imagine what its like to be a minority that hears people put them down all the time... this is the first time I've heard someone openly put down my culture. What do you say to that? And oddly enough, I feel much more Cherokee than Irish, even though I'm almost equal. Perhaps because I've been exposed to the Cherokee side of things more, and can relate to it, where as I've never been anywhere near Ireland.
We sat out on the back deck at dixie, watching the people dash across the parking lot, holding jackets over their heards to block the rain because, of course, you're not really soaking wet if your hair stays dry. We watched the lightning alternate in flashes and streaks, and listened to the thunder, each rumble more deafening than the last. And we laughed, enjoying a much-needed break.

Later, I walked across the endless parking lot amidst this eerie low-hanging fog that was drifting along the pavement, and I almost felt like I was invading its territory.

Friday, September 07, 2001

I know, I haven't posted much lately, but the truth of the matter is that there really hasn't been much that was post-worthy. I'm dying to redesign, but I just can't decide what. Oh, and my archives are seriously screwed up, if you would like to know.

Carrie was waiting for me in the parking lot when i got out of work tonight, which was a great surprise, as I haven't seen her in months. I stood out there talking for almost an hour, reminicing and singing our beloved Veggie Tales songs. We would have gone somewhere, but I had exactly $1, so that was pretty much out of the question.

So, um, yes, I'm a very bored girls these days. So email me, even if I dont know you, and it will make me very happy.

Monday, September 03, 2001

Well, how cool. the wrangler website also has stuff on John Lyons, Josh Lyons, and GaWaNi Pony Boy. If only they had Pat Parelli...
How cool. I was just browsing, and they had a pic up of one of my heros. Yay for Charmayne! That commercial with her and her horse Scamper still brings tears to my eyes. Love it!

Thursday, August 30, 2001

Step 6: Consult with best friend, and see that she broke hers too. Feel slightly more competent.
Step 4: Bang head repeatedly into computer screen.

Step 5: See that you are obviously incompetent, and wait for technical genius boyfriend to come fix things.
Step 1: Open blogger template to edit it for new comment system to work.

Step 2: Avoid pasting the same script twice, because as we can see, that doesnt work.

Step 3: Fix oopsie mentioned in step 2. Try again.
YAY! I've broken my comment thingey!! I'm so proud. Ummmm.... Riiiiich?
I got new fishies! 2 new bettas, and a tetra, although the tetra died last night less than an hour after I got him. Poor fishy! Anyway, click here to see the new boys! The one refered to as #1 is now named Bogart, and #2 is now Merlin.