Wednesday, January 10, 2001

A million thanks to my dear red-headed Erin for getting me stuck on this band called A New Found Glory. I should know to trust her by now, seeing that we have pretty much the exact same taste in everything from music to cars to men. She's my read-headed Ohioian twin. Go download their song "Sucker" and make Erin happy. It will make you a better person, really! Okay, Erin, you can pay me now :-D

I dont know why im writing so much about music tonight- im just feeling it more than usual, I guess. I really do like just about any kind of music. If you look through my napster library, I have country (Kenny Chesney, Dixie Chicks, a ton more), Classical (Pachebel's Cannon in D, Fur Elise) Pop (Backstreet Boys, Christina Aguilara, 98 Degrees), Punk (Blink 182, NFG), new rock stuff I cant really put a title on..(Matchbox 20, Dave Matthews Band, Savage Garden), and just weird stuff (Fish Heads, theme song to Rainbow Brite and Three's Company). I dont have any rap on there right now, but if you look through my cd's, I have Puffy, DMX, Dru Hill (They arent rap though..) You get the idea. Why am I writing this? No idea, who cares.

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