Wednesday, January 10, 2001

I continue to be captivated by how some musicians seem to get inside my head and make sense of the things cant... and blend these abstract ideas with a melody and create this song that seems to drive me crazy because its so me. I can listen to some songs over and over, and im just awe-struck, ebcause they just blow my mind.

On a very related note, I've downloaded 2 different versions of Dave Matthew's Band's "Say Goodbye" tonight, and both have different lyrics than the one on the cd. Its kind of an interresting twist on things though. If you havent heard that song, you should- I guess almost everyone feels that way about someone at one point in their life. The song matches it so well too, it just creates this mood. Reminds me of a Savage Garden lyric about no longer having your hands on the wheel.. I cant remember the lyric right now, my thoughts are all twisted around.

I really should bring to an end this horrible love affair im having with Napster. I spend way too much time downloading songs, but im so passionate about music. I made a cd the other day, and im just madly in love with every song on there, its great. They all strike such strong, but different emotions in me. Its amazing the effect that music can have on our lives- it can bring back a memory from years ago and make it seem so recent we can taste it.. it can add a whole new feeling to a moment, or it can put new ideas in your head... it can change the colors of the world around you. But, there I go off on a tangent again.

..."You've got me wild, turned around inside"...

The weather today was absolutly beautiful. It was so surreal to lay out on my back porch in a tank top while there was snow on the ground. Now that's something you cant do very often.

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