Friday, January 12, 2001

Its funny how there are things we just overlook everyday, until at some point they catch our attention, and we're suddenly fascinated with them. I wish I could learn to appreciate more things like this. Im still fascinated by my horse every time I see him. Little things one would imagine I overlook by now because he's so familiar continue to fascinate me. I love to watch him eat.. the movements of his muscles, his beautiful eyelashes, everything continues to fascinate me. Maybe its because Im so interrested in equine medicine, anatomy, and physiology. I love putting an ear to his stomach and listening to the inner workings of his digestive system. Its like a real life application of all these things I read about.
What brought this to mind is my new fascination with draft horses. I was watching my friend's Belgians eat just the other day, and was simply awe-struck with their beauty, their size and power. I just stood there staring at them in childlike awe, as if I were seeing them for the first time.
I sat on hold for 26 minutes with the unemployment bureau today. Dont tell me I dont work for that money :)

I was reading a thread on the DIS today about weird college classes. I'm amazed that parents will work overtime to save enough for their children to go to college, only for them to end up taking classes like bowling, frisbee101, and all the others I read about. Straaange world.

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