Monday, January 01, 2001

Well, it seems to be 1-1-01 allready! What a fun date to write.

My day at work had this funny feeling to it, it just wouldnt click that it was really our last day there. I had possibly one of the RUDEST customers ever, which put a bit of a damper on things. I tried to sit back and take it all in- every little detail of the building and the people.. the music and the lights. Of course, in true form, I forgot to bring my camera, which I regret.

And, in recent news, IM FREEZING. Oh, wait, I suppose you allready knew that. Hot chocolate has gone from being something that just sits in the kitchen cabinet to an absolute nececity of life.

Its odd how two important things happened today, but I still dont seem to be letting it all sink in. Its kind of too much to handle all at once. I was sitting watching TV with my mom, and they kept advertising programs on later in the week, and I would absolutly crack up laughing because I would actually be home to watch them. I cant remember the last time I've been able to watch tv when all the good shows are on.

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