Tuesday, January 23, 2001

Yesterday was a beautiful day, in every sense. I sat out on the fence in my horse's pasture and just absorbed the rays of sun, and the cool air, and the sense of peace. Just when I was sitting there thinking life coulndt get much better, my friend drove up, and my horse ran over. I had all I needed in the world.

Speaking of which, Kenny is a miracle worker. In a matter of minutes, he transformed my head-strong, impatient, stubborn horse into... the horse he used to be. And more somehow. I couldnt put my finger on it until today when I was working with him, but I finally decided it was respect. And there's a certain calm to him- his eyes are soft now. He wants to please again. Every time I would stop him, he would walk towards me with a look of "Did I do it right? Are you happy with me?" And I was.

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