Monday, February 26, 2001

Im having this discussion with
Kelly about our blogs. We seem to agree on how we dont mind people we know reading the mundane things.. the "I really love these new Fudge Shop cookies" or the "I got new guppies today!" sorts of things. Thats all fine. However, when they read the things that have meaning.. both deeper meaning and meaning to you.. the poems and late-night dreams of how the world could be.. the open-book release of everything in your heart at the moment.. having people you know read makes me nervous. So gut-wrenchingly nervous. Its like presenting them your soul on a platter. Or maybe im just over-dramatizing things, as usual. At least Kelly agrees, so im not alone. The whole irony of it is that its this sort of thing that I want to write more of.. and less of the senseless chit-chat. Perhaps, therein lies the true challenge.

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