Monday, February 26, 2001

My goldfish, Splash.  , was named for his fantastic ability to play dead, and yet I still fall for it every time. I watch to see if he is breathing, and yet he remains motionless, so I poke the side of the bowl, and he swims away. And yet I continue to fall for it every time.

You know you have changed when you have a whole box of chocolate-chip cookie dough in the freezer, and instead you get Mango Passion Crisp Cereal and Apricot Mango yougart. One of my favorite meals. I was going to add a footnote about the cereal, but its just much too fascinating for just a footnote. Its technically called "Yogi Bhajan's Peace Cereal- Mango Passion Crisp with St. John's Wort and Kava". I dont know who Yogi Bhajan is, although I get the mental image of some yoga-practicing guy with lots of little buddah statues around. Sadly, he's probably a suit-and-tie businessman. I also dont know what Kava is, but who cares? Its darn good cereal, especially mixed with Yoplait. Yum! I think the Apple Crisp is actually my favorite, but this one is very good too. It has these weird things that I suppose are supposed to be mango-flavored that look like the sugary marshmallow type of things in kid's cereals. Scary, but fascinating. Also scary but fascinating is when you start blogging about EVERYTHING, right down to the cereal you are eating.

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