Thursday, March 01, 2001

Bleh. Today is an icky day. Well, the day itself isnt all that bad- its cloudy and 45*. Its the fact that im sick, and just want to sleep. However, I cant complain. I promised last night I would write about yesterday, so here it goes..

It actually started on Tuesday night when I got a call saying my friend Larry broke his foot at practice. His horse slipped in the sand and fell over on top of him, and then rolled over on his leg, bending his foot at an un-metacarpal friendly angle. So, Tuesday night was spent with Tiffany making a card for Larry. Wednesday afternoon was spent shopping for little get well gifts, and then going over to his house after work (Yes, he went to work right after he got out of surgery. What a trooper!). Tonight Tiff and I are going to make him Hamburger Helper- the Dinner of Champions.

Sorry im not writing much but a series of events right now..I feel like my whole head is in a tunnel. I tried to take a long nap, but my parents kept waking me up reminding me that I needed to go feed my horse.

Random note- Jordan Knight from New Kids on the Block looks like Donny Osmond.

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