Friday, March 23, 2001

Can you believe all this time and I still havent named my guppies? There is a male and a female..Anyone have Suggestions?
Did I mention im going to
Disney World in just 39 days!? And I get to see Kenny Chesney in just 35 days? Can life get much better???

I went out to feed Emmett in my pajamas, and it was just a beautiful day! I skipped across the feild to get his water, and took a ton of pictures. The sun felt amazing! There were 5 guys in front of me at a stop light, also in a Ford Ranger, who all rocked back and forth at the same time, causing the truck to sway. I couldnt help but crack up. It looks like the sun is putting a lot of people in a good mood! I'm going to have to wear my hair in braids today! Its too bad I have to spend the rest of this beatuiful day in a photo lab! But, ill be in DISNEY WORLD in 37 days, so life is goooood.

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