Wednesday, March 07, 2001

I really just want to scream and cry and laugh and express a million other emotions all at once, because thats exactly how im feeling. I was just laying around thinking about work tomorrow, and I realized last thing I want to do tomorrow is go take pictures. Its just gotten to be so insanely repetitive, and I just dont want to do it. Tomorrow is the first official day of work. Luckily, im in charge of group photos, which means ill hardly do anything all week. Thank God, and thanks CarrieAnd we're only working 1 show a day, 4 days a week right now, which is awesome.

I really, really, really, really wish there was a good college or university around here. There are a whopping total of 3 within reasonable distance, none of which interest me in the least. Why can't Findlay be in Missouri? All I ask is a nice local college with an equine science program and a pre-vet program. Is that really so much to ask? Really?

No, I dont want to go to work tomorrow. I want to sleep until around noon, and then go ride my horse. Thats all I want to do, but there are a billion bills to pay, and Disney World just 2 months away, so I really have no other choice, do I?

Oh, and I would realy like some email. Im very bored, and would love to hear about just about anything right now!

And, for the record, I am no longer allowed to TOUCH HTML after 3am.. it just took me like 10 tries to publish this with all the footnotes working. I think that means i need sleep.

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