Tuesday, March 06, 2001

I really wish I had some fingerpaints right now. For some reason, fingerpainting just sounds like so much fun right now. Actually just about anything sounds good right now.. im quite bored.

I just remembered a story I was going to share with you. A week or so ago, I had my mom take my Secret Santa presents to the post office to mail it out for me. She took the box in to the clerk, who shook it, and hearing that things were rattling around a bit, asked if it needed wrapped up better. My mother, the ever-eloquent speaker tried to say "No, its just my daughter's package", or something to that general effect, but instead it came out "No, its just my daughter". So, the poor postal worker looks at her increduously, and repeats "Its just your daughter, and they both busted up laughing. Then my mom was looking at the box, and noticed that it said BODY on it!! Why do I have a feeling my poor christmas presents got x-rayed?

Isnt it odd the things we remember? Tiffany and I were discussing a woman we used to work with the other night, and I mentioned that I remembered her discussing religion with a guy we worked with during a rehersal for the Christmas show last year. I really have no idea why I remember that. Tiffany surprised me by saying that she remembered it too, and we both somehow remembered where we were sitting in the theater, and how the woman was sitting! All completly insignificant details at one rehersal out a tons we went to, and we both remembered it! So what makes a little thing like that stick in one's memory so strongly? Any psych majors out there? Jim?

And yes, if you are keeping up with it, I got my reservations for
Cinderella's Breakfast when I go to Disney World this May. Wooohoo! I cant help but wonder.. is it generally frowned upon to hit on
Prince Charming ?

And yes, believe it or not, I think Im done with the new page layout for now! All that editing was hurting my brain!

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