Thursday, March 01, 2001

Im fascinated and yet perplexed that hospitals terrify me.. I cant even look at a picture of a needle or an IV without cold chills running down my spine.. i have to be practically dying before ill agree to go to the doctor because I hate it so much.. and yet I love learning medical stuff. Im studying to be a vet assistant, even. Ironic, much? My life is practically an oxymoron. Maybe this is how I was able to spend over a half hour in Larry's hospital room yesterday without freaking out. I had to kind of stop and calm down before we went in the elevator to his floor, but I guess I just got distracted enough to tune out the fact of the building I was actually in.

I just got out of a glorious shower/bath combo. Wonderful when you're sick. I was in there wondering.. why do we say we take a shower? Seems like a very odd use of the verb to me. We also take a nap, take a break.. and a million other things.. but I really dont know why we say it that way. Odd. I was also wondering why we say you are going on a certain age. For instance, you are sixteen, going on seventeen. I think english must be a very hard language to learn.

Oh, yes, as I was saying, I just took a nice hot shower followed by soaking in a nice hot bath. I think hot water is one of the most wonderful things in the world. However, my bathtub is far too short to stretch out in. I'm 5'9", and its only about 4 feet long if that. My kingdom for a bathtub 6 feet long so I could really stretch out in it! I did enjoy laying there though, studying the pattern the drops of water made on the tile, and how they all sat there unmoving, in suspended animation until they finally gave in to gravity. I think so much when im in the shower, I really should invent some kind of shower notebook, so I can make notes of all the things I think of to write about later.

Question: how do I still have tanlines from a trip to the bahamas 10 months ago??

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