Saturday, March 17, 2001

"Lovers in the long grass, Look above them, Only they can see where the clouds are going..."

Well, I woke up at 8, or at least thats what my alarm clock said. Now, the thing about alarm clocks is that at times, they are dirty rotten liars. I sat down at my computer, and its faithful clock dutifully informed me that it was actually 7am. Ouch.

"This will be the day she will remember, When she knew his heart was, Loving in the long grass, Close beside her, Whispering of love and the way it breathes"

So, im sitting here enjoying an apple cinnamon waffle and the sunling, and morning itself. I cant wait to go feed my horse, but I think I shall wait until its a little bit warmer. Maybe above freezing at least.

"They can see the sky is blue, Knowing that their love is true, Dreams they never knew, When the sky above is blue"

Oh, and quite obviously, im listening to Enya's "Flora's Secret", whose lyrics are interspersed within this entry.

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