Friday, March 02, 2001

"Someday when we can afford it, we'll go on vacation together"
"Yeah, but we'll never be able to afford it"
"You arent supposed to be realistic when making plans like this, you know!"

BlogVoices is very hard to understand when you are sick and your mind is swirling around.

For some reason, im not happy unless im doing a million things at once. Right now im reading e-mail and talking to Katie and listening to music and working on my blog, and working on a webpage, and editing graphics, and reading blogs, and making a to-do list for tomorrow, and downloading a song on Napster.

On a completly unrealted topic (as usual), here is a random list of thoughts as they popped into my head the other night.
Gum losing its flavor
An unfamiliar song by a familiar man
Cereal that isnt as passionate as it advertised
Different poetry styles
It doesnt feel like 11
Nutrition must be studied
Late night hat espionage
Scrable temper tantrums
Snatched Fudge House cookies
Evil Cookie Snatcher
Creating timeless beauty
The female one is fascinating
The package label is wrong
Donuts dont sound appetizing
The box has become part of the family
Effects on wildflowers
Shh dont tell

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