Tuesday, March 13, 2001

Today was beautiful in every sense of the word. First, it was physically beautiful in an asthetic sense.. warm temperatures and clouds that came from a child's painting. Fantastic. And then it was just beautiful in other ways.

I decided to stop at the used book store on my way (Or, more correctly, out of my way) to the feed store, and ended up spending quite a while in there. Its a quaint, unassuming place from outside.. thousands pass it everyday without a second glance, but inside is another world. Its named after the owner's cat, who is always present, and seems to know of his importance as he sits on the lap of a cashier, who is lost in a book. The aisles of the store are asymetrical, and some so narrow that one can hardly fit through, which makes it more of an adventure than a shopping trip. There was some sort of categorization, im sure, but I was unable to discern one section from another, so I merely wandered, wide-eyed. However, I did happen upon one shelf of books that left me in awe. I'm not sure what sort of title one could place upon this shelf, as there are none fit that I can think of, but it held so many famous books, in such wide variety. There, resting as neighbors, were Hamlet, Homer's Illiad, House of Seven Gables, Uncle Tom's Cabin, Huck Finn, The Great Gatsby, West Side Story, Emma, The Sound and the Fury, and so many others that have escaped my memory. It was fascinating to see one famous title after another. I finally stopped shopping when the balancing act of books upon forearm became too difficult, and left quite content, only to go to the library where I checked out four more books. I think its safe to say that im set for a while. What did I get, you ask? Well, I bought This Side of Paradise (Fitzgerald..), The Sound and the Fury (Faukner), a horse-related textbook, Skinny Legs and All (Tom Robbins), a book entitled Immortal Poems, which boasts such authors as Shakespeare and TS Elliot, and All Creatures Great and Small, and All Things Wise and Wonderful (Both by James Herriot) I've never read any of these books, except half of All Creatures Great and Small, so, if you want me in the next two months, you'll find me curled up in my bed, or maybe even my closet. I then proceeded to check out several Tom Robbins books from the library, and am in the midst of Still Life With Woodpecker, which is thus far, very good. I found two dollars tucked in the pocket of one of the library books, and there was much rejoicing.
Before I even left my parking spot at the library, Tiffany called me, and she decided to accompany me to the feed store, and we decided that afterwards, we would go to work to wash her horse. There isnt much point in writing about my feed store escapades, as they were the usual "I need a 50-pound bag of 12% Sweet Feed" sorts of goings on, but the amusing thing was that while I was there, two people gave me the message to call Tiffany. It seems my darling mother had called the feed store and left that message for me. I of course, looked at Tiffany and told her to remind me to call her.
Well, now I had more than ten books, 50 pounds of horse feed, a bale of hay, countless curly fries from Hardees, and one very dirty pony at work, so the next move was obvious.. we broke out the horse shampoo and gave Dickasaw the grooming of his life. We sang songs like "My Little Pony" while we bathed him, and ended up with one very clean brown-and-white spotted pony, and two very wet and dirty girls. I wish so much that I had my camera with me, but I'm making a definite point of taking it next time we bathe him.

And so, now that I've sufficiently woken myself up im going to go find something to eat, and go curl back up with Still Life with Woodpecker.

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