Monday, April 02, 2001

I find it sad that I know my name in Hawaian but not in Cherokee I learned how to say the original word for Cherokee today...Aniyunwiya, now commonly called Tsalagi Oh, and just in case you need to know, the word for coffee pot is kawiadoditsulasgi. And no, I dont know how to pronounce that just yet. Yes, you can tell I read GaWaNi Pony Boy's book "Horse, Follow Closely" again last night, which got me thinking about my own ancestors, and brough forth this sudden burst of culture. It probably wont last long, so sit back and Get Cultured, kids!

Its amazing the things you will do at 4am. Dave has me listening to AM radio. For some reason, I am without a fight. Freaks are calling in talking about people dying on the dining room table, and green onions. What's the world coming to? Oh, and Dave, the Cherokee word for Rat is tsistatsi.

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