Monday, April 09, 2001

I was home-schooled for the first part of Kindergarten, and when my mother and I started discussing switching me to a public school, my only requirement was that the playground had an obstacle course. I can't remember why that was so important to me at the time, but I'm sure that 5-year old me would have no idea why most things are so important to 19-year old me. I remember my first day at school.. I wasnt nervous or scared, I didnt cry when mom left, or any of those other first-day jitters simply because I didnt even consider them. Mom was dropping me off at school, and school was going to be fun! The first thing I did on that first day in Mrs. Mulvaney's class was color a picture of a cat with my brand new neon -colored crayons. We may have watched Bambi on the overhead projector, but that could have been another day. I just know that we watched it sometime that year. My teacher thought I was cool because I could read and write and probably could have taught the class, and I thought she was cool, just because she was an adult, and my *teacher*, and very nice. I thought the other kids were weird because they couldnt read the directions in our workbooks and got some of the math problems wrong.

One thing I do remember though, is that although I had a best friend named Jessica who lived right down the road from me, I don't remember disliking any of the kids in my class. I dont remember ever making fun of them, or any of us being mean to each other at all. Are all kindergarten classes like this? Or is this simply the product of a 4-teacher grade school in in tiny little farm town? Yes, there were four teachers. Four classrooms- one for kindergarten, one for first *and* second grade (this one was taught by y friend's was a realllly small town), one for third and fourth, and one for fifth and sixth. There was a fourth-grade boy who was in my reading class (in the first-and-second grade room) who was in love with me. Isnt that sad? Back when I didn't care if boys existed, they fell at my feet. Now, where did they all go? Where is Fourth-Grade Admirer now? How funny.. older men even back then.

Well, I need to take something back. 5-Year Old Me would actually think I was pretty cool, just because I have a horse, but she would question why I dont spend every waking hour riding him. 5-Year old me would be high-fiving me for blowing a ton of money I dont have on a trip to Disney World, just because I want to. Five year old me would probably wonder why I dont wear dresses anymore, or run around outside naked playing in the sprinklers. Frankly, I wonder the same thing at times.

And now that I've gone off on every tangent of the subject possible, I think I shall go put on shorts for the first time year, laugh at how white my legs are, and go feed my super-horse.

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