Sunday, April 15, 2001

I'm listening to Pachabel's Cannon in D, because it seems to be the embodiment of spring... a sort of rebirth.. and nothing could be more appropriate today. Obviously, its Easter, a day created to celebrate ressurection.. but on this particular day, its so much more.

"The sky is purple" I told my mother as we went out to check on my sick rabbit. We both looked up and noticed it was almost the same color as the blossoms on the tree branches, and then thought nothing of it. We made sure that Fluffy, my rabbit was all set for the night, debated bringing her inside but decided not to, and went back inside. Around two in the morning, the wind started howling, and lightning painted the sky. I opened the back door to watch the storm begin, and only minutes after I returned to my bedroom did hail start thundering down until its noise on our roof sounded like thunderous applause. Mom woke up and we stared out the window in awe for a few moments, and then went to turn the radio to a local station to check for tornado warnings. No sooner did my fingertips touch the top of the radio that all of the lights went out- the luxuries of civilization were uncerimoniously ripped from our fingertips, and there was nothing we could do. So, there we were, surrounded by darkness, with the lightning and wind arguing outside over who was more powerful, so we did the only thing that seemed logical at the time- we sat in the middle of the living room floor. We talked.. beginning with my ramblings of "I hope the bunny is okay... I hope Emmett is okay! Oh my gosh, what if lightning hits out there? What if he gets scared and runs into a fence! I have to go check on him! Poor bunny outside in all that.. its a good thing we covered her cage.. and poor Emmett.. we really need a barn..." Eventually the ramblings turned into normal conversations as the storm passed, and it seemed surreal to be sitting on the floor in pitch black in the middle of the night discussing everyday things. Finally, when the rain had calmed a bit, and the lightning was less enthusiastic, the local storm warning started to go off.. which made me wonder if it had been going on the whole time, or if it had just come on to signal that the worst was yet to come. Oh, how terribly reassuring. And so we continued to sit and watch the eerie shadows of tree brances dance across the kitchen window. Eventually, when the lightning had mostly stopped, and the rain was exhausted, we slipped into shoes and went outsid with the mission of bringing Fluffy inside. Now this is where you need a little background on Fluffy. When I was in seventh grade, my father decided he wanted to spend the winter in Arizona, and I was drug along, of course, because what other options does a 12-year old really have? I was unhappy to say the least. Accompanying us was our adorable doberman pinscher Moses, or "Mo". After travelling cross-country in a van with three people and a dog, you really tend to bond. Well, at some point throughout the winter, my parents made the mistake of telling our neighbors that Mo had bit a little boy once because the boy had been messing with him while he was trying to eat. This was while we were at my sister's house before leaving for Arizona, and had those big "Beware of Dog" signs up all around. Well, the neighbors decided they didnt like this, and the next thing we knew, we werent allowed to keep him there anymore. Now had it been up to me, I would have rather moved and kept my dog, but thats just how I am, and nobody really gave me any say in the matter, and so the next thing I knew, my precious friend was being given to a family a few miles away. So, there I was, a thousand miles away from all of my real friends, and they had just taken all I had left. I vowed to never speak to my parents again, and made it all of about a day. For some reason, they decided to take me to the pet store to let me get something to make me feel better, and thats when I spotted the most adorable black rabbit. She was so small I could hold her in one hand, and I knew I couldnt leave that store without her, and so a new member came into the family. We kept her in a cardboard box for a while, until she started jumping out, even though it was over three feeet tall, and she was only a few inches. We then progressed to a box with a lid, and then ended up just giving her the entire screened-in porch. When the wonderful day came that we were returning to Missouri, we played the game of sneaking Fluffy into all those no-pets allowed motels we stayed at on the way home, and letting her live in the bathroom, entertaining herself by playing with those little white cups for condiments from McDonalds. Once home, we tried to keep her in the house again, but her love for chewing on everything ended that quickly, and she was finally moved to an outdoor cage like a normal rabbit. And there she has stayed, for almost seven years, until last night. Well, sure, for a while when she was still young we could slip a special rabbit halter on her and let her get out and take walks, but that ended when she got strong enough to kick and scratch and generally get across the point that she would rather stay in her cage. So last night, I expected a huge fight when we went to take her out, but she only gave one good kick, and then just let herself be carried. We set her up in the bathtub, so that nobody would step on her should they come into the (still dark) bathroom in the middle of the night. We covered her in towells since she was cold and wet, and gave her some food and water, and finally decided to try to go to bed. I remember being unable to sleep for a very long time.. and I remember the last time mom went in to check on her before I fell asleep. It seems that I fell asleep about the same time that Fluffy finally passed away. The ironicies of this being easter, and she being a bunny do not escape me. She lived a fabulous life, and now on the same day every year when we remember Jesus's ressurection, I will also remember not the death, but the life of my own Easter Bunny.

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