Friday, April 13, 2001

I've really been terrible about blogging lately. Sure, things have happened and words have been said and ideas have been had.. I just havent really been in the mood to relay them all into text. I've been painting tons of little watercolor paintings, and rediscovering just how much fun that is. I'm trying right now to find that delicate balance of work and friends and alone, and I think I'm getting closer.

I got my Mary Kay stuff yesterday! It came in this huge pink cardboard box, and inside was so much stuff it took me about an hour to go through it all. There was a huge suitcase sort of contraption stuffed to the gills with makeup samples, and another purse-sized bag full of catalogs and order forms and such. I'm excited.

It seems quite the oxymoron for today to be both Friday the Thirteenth and Good Friday. Oh, and its payday, too. I think it shall be a rather interresting day!

I feel at times as though im walking paralell to the edge of a cliff. I can either keep going along as I am, and things will stay as they are. Or, I can turn and be brave and jump.. unsure of how things may turn out. One is safe and predictable, the other is full of possibilities, but a more than a little scary. I know that according to my general philosophy of life, I should turn and take chances, but oh how much easier that is said than done.

I'm in the mood to just take off work and go visit some of my friends. I could stop by Tara's new house, and see all that she's been talking about. I could go dye Amanda's hair silver. I could go to Taco Mayo with Jim, and then fight over the computer with him. I could go take over the world with Brooke, or embarass myself in public with Kelley. I could go discuss how cars are designed to look like rats with Dave, and then sit around and listen to Art Bell. However, with my real vacation only seventeen days away, I cant afford to take any more time off. But I sure wish I could.

Oh, and remember back when I was listening to that song Superfreaky Memories and couldn't remember actually having any superfreaky memories? Well, I think last night was one :)

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