Monday, April 16, 2001

Oh, and you know what is really rather scary? Nick Carter looks a lot like a blonde Trevor Rage in this picture. Well, I suppose thats only scary to those of you who know who Trevor is. This whole comparison would be much more effective if I had that picture of Trevor from Nina's SimuCon photos to link to for comparison, but her site is down :( Oh, well, Tara will be happy I posted a Nick picture.

Oh, and if you would like to know, im sitting here talking incoherently with Kelly. We're both amused at our late-night stupidity. Its fun.

Kel: My hip hurts.
Kel: I think I have amnesia.
Kel: No... no. That's wrong.
Kel: Arthritis.

And on that note, I really, really need sleep.

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