Friday, April 20, 2001

Oops, first of all, I accidentally put the wrong link to Tara. This is the right one. Sorry, Taraness! And, I’m proud to say that Jim’s site actually has some stuff on it now!

The Kentucky Derby prospects are up at I must admit I haven't been watching much racing this year, so I really don't know who I’m leaning towards just yet. But of course, by race day, Katie and I will both have our list of favorites. We usually end up chatting online all day until its time for the race to start, and then on the phone during the race, even though we are usually speechless. Its amazing how quickly we become passionate about our favorites :) As for early picks, I like Congaree, Millennium Wind (who is gorgeous) possibly Distilled. Express Tour has already won 1.2 million in 2001, so you never know about him either! Global Gait is absolutely beautiful, and he bas Bob Baffert training him, so I like him too. Point Given has great stats, and he’s another Bob horse... Street Cry is just adorable...I think I’m leaning towards Millennium Wind. He has a great record, and I just have that feeling about him. Oh, and Turnberry Isle, just because he’s a pretty chestnut, from Ireland...oh, yeah, and he’s trained by D. Wayne Lucas :) And now I have sufficiently satisfied those of you who really care about the Derby, and bored the rest of you! My work here is done!

Have I told you how fun Mary Kay is? I get to play with makeup, and get PAID for it. How fun is THAT? I’m sitting here trying foundation colors on my hand, and now it looks like a surreal rainbow composed entirely of flesh tones. Oh, my dazzling hand of many colors.

I was simply dead today- mentally exhausted.. I was so very thankful we were overstaffed at work and I got to go home early. After a nap, I feel like a new person. Hooray for naps!

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