Saturday, April 28, 2001

Remember sister who woke me up a few hours ago? Well, we just got our Enya on. Oh yeah. Standing in my kitchen, she started playing Enya's "Flora's Secret". "I can do that too!" I exclaimed, pushing the button on my computer to play it too. I fast-forwarded to the part she was at, and we stood in the hallway between the kitchen and my room, and listened to Enya on either side of us, with about a one second delay. It was... scary. Like the soundtrack to a surreal dream or something. So we did it again. And then we decided to try for perfection, to get it perfectly in sync. After a few tries we were successful, and we stood in the hallway, listening to the fruit of our work of "One, two, three, PLAY!" "We are not the one-take Osmonds!" said my sister, and she was very right. And so we stood in the hallway, waltzing in the limited space, and noticing that we really are related.

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