Friday, April 27, 2001

Today was wonderful, and im so exhausted I can barely type! But its the good kind of exhuasted!

First, I went riding, and got to ride a great QH mare named Silky who I get along with really well. Im SO sore though.. I spent most of the time trotting without stirrups and loping to develop my seat, but OUCH. I guess everything thats really good for you hurts a little. Then I swung by Dixie to pick up my friend Jen, who was going with me, and ran home for the world's fastest shower. I think I was really only in the shower about 20 seconds. A quick change of clothes, and we were out the door and on our way to see KENNY CHESNEY. Quick background.. Kenny Chesney is one of my absolute favorite singers. I fall asleep to his CD every night. To make things even better, his fiddle player Nick used to work at Dixie, and is good friends with a friend of mine. So, obviously, we were *excited*.
After speeding as quickly possible to the concert, which was over an hour away, we found our seats, which were really disappointing. Even with the zoom lens on my camera, I couldnt make out the face of the opening act. Since that wasnt so great, I spent the time checking out the room full of cowboys. I was in heaven. By the time Kenny came out, we decided it was Chance Taking Time, and grabbed our stuff and went down to join the mob of people around the stage. It worked. After a few people moved away, I was close enough to the stage that I could have touched Kenny if I had really tried. *awesome*. We sat there staring, and snapping tons of pictures, which I promise to post after I develop them tomorrow. I was basically in awe for 2 reasons. 1) the obvious, Kenny Freakin Chesney was less than four feet away from me, and 2) Even though I have talked to Nick breifly, and seen pictures, I never knew he was that damn hot. Wow.
Some lady in the front row actually asked a security guard if they could stop the show and make everyone sit down! Um, yeah, THATS gonna happen! The only person who got to me was one really big, REALLY sweaty cowboy guy who kept bumping into me, and therefore getting me wet with his own sweat, because he kept turning around to sing the song that was playing to the girl he was with. Oh well, he was a cowboy and a Kenny Chesney fan, so I cant hate him. Everyone I encountered down in our million degree little crowd of people was really nice, which amazed me. Even though it was really cramped, most people would apologize for bumping into you. If they left to go back to their seat, they would offer you their spot. They were just, NICE. Its something you wouldnt find at many concerts!!!

Worst feeling in the world: Realizing you're going the wrong way on a road and wont be able to turn around for a very long time, at 12:45pm when you are allready late getting home and about to fall asleep. Yes, Im REALLY bad at driving places by myself, especially at night. Jen *told* be to take a right when I hit highway 248, but for some reason I was just convinced I was supposed to go left, and so I did. Now, on a very plain road where big curves are the only real landmarks in the dark, its hard to tell much of where you are going, but things just didnt *look* right. After about ten minutes when I saw the sign that said "Springfield-30 Miles" I knew I was going the wrong direction, and even worse, there wouldnt be a good place to turn around for a long time. So yes, I went 6 miles in the wrong direction, and then turned around and went 6 miles back to end up where I started at.. and then finally made it home at exactly 1am. A pepsi and a chocolate bunny later, im not doing all that bad.

Oh, and as if today weren't allready fabulous enough (Um, other than getting lost), I got my Mary Kay inventory today! And so here I sit, with $1000 worth of cosmetics in my room, and feeling more than a little overwhelmed by it all. Wow.

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