Monday, April 16, 2001

Well, the site is all redesigned, and here I am with no inspiration whatsoever.

Kudos to Tara for posting the words to "How Did I Fall In Love With You?". I really, really love that song.

I really, honestly cant think of a darn thing to write about. I leave in 2 weeks for vacation, and I promise to be interresting when I get back!

Jim is building a website, which I promise to link to once he actually adds content :)

My poor body is exhausted, and begging me to give it permission to go curl up in bed and sleep, but my mind is dying to be entertained... I wish there were something to fascinate me right now. Its nights like these I wish I had someone to curl up in bed with and discuss everything and nothing all at once. I'm pretty independent most of the time, but there are times I just want to break down and find someone to... well, I cant even think of the words. Maybe just Find Someone.

Frankly, this site makes me consider adding a pet peeve of the day. Oh, the joy of stealing the ideas of others. Oh, and now that I'm brainstorming for inspiration, my daily routine at work is pretty amusing. Maybe I'll type that up and share it.
"Here we are in the arms of one another, and still we go on searching for each other" -Spanish Eyes

"The daylight's fading slowly, but time with you is standing still"-Breathless

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