Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Why do I do it? The old putting the pants back on the rack, saying I would come back for them before I went home if I decided I couldnt live without them, and then leaving without buying them. And then deciding halfway home that I cant live without them. And now I have to make another trip to Springfield just to get the darn pants. But you know what? They're comfy and cute, damnit.
The Easter Bunny was at the mall today, in one of those little areas set up for photos of children with him. It was so sad to see parents forcing their children to get their picture taken.. holding them there kicking and screaming and crying, thinking the child is going to suddenly smile for the camera, when they obviously want nothing to do with this big pink furry thing.

I learned today that my horse likes to chase cars. You would think that with all the things I know about him, I would know this, but I never knew! I was talking to Susie today, and she said that sometimes when she drives by his feild, she sees him just be walking along by the fence, and see a car go by, and suddenly spin around and run after it. She says its because he's got cow-horse in his blood. Have I mentioned I love my horse? I think I should buy him a cow for his birthday. Dont you? Speaking of such things, I actually have a riding lesson in the morning. I haven't had a lesson in months and months and months, so pray this one doesnt get rained out!

I've been trying desperatly to come up with a new site design. And I do mean desperatly. Please, feel free to inspire me!

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