Sunday, April 01, 2001

Work today was very long. Somehow, I think all this not eating and not sleeping is catching up with us all. Imagine that! Catering was just sub sandwiches today, so we stole a whole tray full of about 20-30 sandwiches to hide in the photo lab. You learn to be very crafty when it comes to food at Dixie. Sadly, all the sandwiches were the same , so I had to pick off the things I dont like. Oh well, it was free food, so can one really complain?

I am very proud of myself for not going out tonight! I even had to spend twenty minutes on the phone telling Carrie that I wouldn't go. All this lack of sleep is really catching up with me. Plus, I have a little bet with myself going on. Weather permitting, I have to go ride Emmett every day except Saturday, or I can't drink any soda for a whole week. Now THAT is motivation!

I just made chicken helper without the chicken. Yummm!

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