Wednesday, May 09, 2001

Have I told you guys lately how much I love you all???

Candi, where would I be without your enthusiasm?? You're my favorite of the candi canes!!!!!!!!!!
Action Jackson, who taucht me that its always appropriate to drape yourself seductively across whatever is around, and that gold is the universal color.
Tara, my Taraness, who knows *almost* as much obscure disney trivia as I, and has been through so much of the same things.
Kelly, who slaps me upside the head if I dont write, and who is so full of ideas. And who I think wins the current award for oddest late-night conversations. And for whom I have so much respect for all she does.
Rat, the best darn Scooby-loving gay rat I know. Without Rat, I would never have listened to AM radio at 5 in the morning, or have words like "Scrod" in my vocabulary. And frankly, life would be a lot more dull.
Jim, who is the best listener I know, and who I can talk to in unintelligable speech and he still understands. And who has put up with me through all the stupid things I've done through the years. And, of course, everyone needs a good bartender for a friend!
Katie M. who has the most creative screennames, and who probably knows the most obscure facts about me. And she let me ride her favorite horse, which is a very cool thing to do!
Katie T. who remembers the swiss cheese plant, and how very important out-clapping other people really is.
Emily, Ashlee, Brian, Andrea, Lauren, and all you other guys..

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