Thursday, May 31, 2001

Oh, hell. I'll do it too.

9 things about me that are true and one that isnt.

I've eaten a chocolate covered ant.

I was only in first grade for about a month before moving to second.

I believe that Delaware does not exist.

I have an annual pass to Walt Disney World.

I accidentally broke my mother's toe when I was 4.

I have dissected a cat, rat, earthworm, crawfish, bird, frog, fetal pig, and countless other things.

I was spiderman for halloween when I was 4.

I was a girl scout for two years.

I worked in two ice cream places before I was 18.

Okay, now click that little comment button and guess which is false :)

Other random things..

I will die happy if Camel Roman Riding makes it to the Olympics.

I have a shark that is over 6 years old. That makes him older than my horse.

I can recite shakespeare almost as well as I can recite Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.

I think Nick Carter is the most asthetically perfect human ever.

I cant wait to go to Simucon, damnit.

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