Tuesday, May 22, 2001

Once again, there is a bunny in my bathroom. Things really do go full circle, dont they? Tara's kids were so cute.. Tiffany (Tara's Tiffany, not Tiff-Bob) said "Aww, I dont think the bunny is happy because her foot is dirty. Do you have bunny soap? Oh, I forgot you just have a bunny, so you DO have bunny soap!" I love the reasoning of a 5-year old :)

I got an email from Nate today, which totally made my day.

I really almost wish I were in school at times.. I almost miss being forced to study things. I guess that opened me to learning things I would otherwise know nothing about. I really need to get back to that darn pathology unit. Really, I will. Eventually. Okay, tonight. Maybe. And darn.. what am I going to wear to my meeting tomorrow?

I really have been writing like a 10-year old lately, haven't I? Sorry, I'm quite out of practice at writing anything these days. I promise I still have a real vocabulary somewhere, and I do remember poetic devices and such. They're just... too lazy? Who knows.

Quote of the Day-"Any more trips planned? (I know, you just got back...but it's never too early to plan the next one, eh?) "-- in an email from Nate, who has the exact same Disney World philosophy as me. I laughed so hard, just because it was good to know I'm not the only one :)

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