Sunday, May 20, 2001

Today is not my day. Would you like to know why? I knew you would!

1) I got up EARLY to set up the rabbit cage, because I'm going to bunny-sit my friend's rabbit for a while because she is in the process of moving. She told me last night to meet her at dixie at 11:30, so I show up at 11:29 and wait... its pouring rain so I dont dare leave my truck.. and wait...and WAIT until 12:20, at which time I'm going to be late for the Mary Kay class im doing today, so I leave to go home, only to....

2) Get an IM from the friend I'm doing the class for who wants to cancel. So, I am now off today with NOTHING to do.. AND because I took today off instead of tomorrow, I have to miss tomorrow's meeting.

3) While I was waiting for that hour at work, a friend parked next to me, and hit my truck with his car door. He said it didnt hurt it, but I just looked, and there IS a little dent. Grr.

4) Went to the video store to get some movies to make my day better, and some woman grabbed the last copy of the one I wanted right as I got to the shelf.

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