Friday, June 29, 2001

Due to the fact that I can't participate in the real blog-a-thon, which I'm too lazy to look up the link to at this moment, I'm planning on doing my own sort of blog-a-thon starting on Monday night. Since I dont have the link handy, I should tell you that its basically people voulenteering to blog for 24-hours straight, at least once every half hour. People will sponsor them, and the money goes to charity. I just think that writing for 24 hours sounds cool, so I'll do that when I have a day off. I've been doing a short version tonight, trying to blog at least once an hour while I'm awake. Oh, the joy of it all. And, due to all this, I would really appreciate if you would all email me a few ideas of thigns to write about. Questions would probably be the best form. They can be anything from "What's your favorite color?" to "Tell me about your childhood" to "What's this obsession with camels!?" or "If you were living in Yemen, and your only posession was a shiny silver paperclip..." well, okay, you get the point by now, I suppose. Just send me stuff, and I'll write. Yeah, thanks and stuff.

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