Sunday, June 03, 2001

I would give nearly anything for a lovely rainy day in which I had nothing to do but curl up with a good book, a notebook, and my thoughts. I need time to sort through them all and put them down on paper. I just need time.

Tomorrow will be Hair Dying Day, as it has been a while. I really wish I could dye my hair blue or orange, or something equally out of the ordinary, just for a week or so to have a change, but alas, work forbids it, so it will be some sort of reddish brown concoction, as usual. Help, help, im being repressed!!!

I'm still very excited about SimuCon this weekend! For those keeping up, I'm now sharing a room with Remi, and Matt will be sleeping in our bathtub. However, if you need me, I'll probably be in Ashlee's room discussing ducks and blue boots... or down in the lounge playing Clue with Siri over coffee. Mmmm, coffee. Too bad Dave cant go to be my personal coffee man. Err, coffee rat?

You know, I was going to write something here, but it has escaped me now. Maybe later

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