Friday, June 29, 2001

Well, darn, here it is almost july and I still haven't planted my flowers and plants yet. I'm really behind! For those of you who weren't here back in March, I bought some great seeds in the Wal-Mart garden department, which at the time, I couldn't wait to plant. I have cucumbers and really cool flowers, and many others that I just can't remember now.

I miss how easily writing came back in high school when I had to do it all the time. By college prep english, I could knock out a 5-paragraph essay in record time. I could just write anything at the drop of the hat, because I was used to doing it every damn day. And now it just isn't as fresh to me, and I agonize over flow and word usage, and it still just doesn't turn out as well. Oh, Mrs. Logan, would you kindly come back and make me write!?

And my pepsi consumption for tonight simply must stop. I've had three since I got home about two hours ago.

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