Thursday, June 28, 2001

You know, when I do things throughout the day, I make a mental note to write about them later, but then I never do.

Today I went to Springfield with the purpose of trying on the cool Renaissance costumes at the costume place and taking pictures, but ended up just shopping instead. Mom and I had a great lunch at Olive Garden, and then went to Barnes & Noble. Me + B&N= very dangerous! Soon after we got inside, it started pouring rain outside, which was just great as far as I was concerned! I found a great Van Gogh book and plopped down in a chair with a view of the storm. I ended up buying a book called "The Wish List", which is a lot like my "List of things to do before I die", but a hell of a lot longer. I really may have to post my list here sometime.

In other news, Kelly and I have decided that a trip to Europe next year is a necessity, so if you know of any cool stuff we should visit, let us know.

Last night, while returning videos to the store, I decided I felt like driving to Arkansas, and so I did. Once there, I turned around and came back. Sometimes, I think you just need to drive.

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