Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Ah, and once again it seems to be the 4th of July. How did so much of summer sneak past me? Very sneaky, that season! Sadly, I don't really have any plans for this year. I hate how as we grow older, holidays just dont seem to be as much fun as they once were. Perhaps its just my family where that happens. One of the best Independence Days I remember was a few years ago, when my youngest sister came over with her husband and kids. We spent the day barbecuing under the shade of the large trees in our front yard, as the kids ran around playing with the little things that pop when you throw them down. It was the perfect summer afternoon. That night, the kids delighted in waving sparklers and shooting off bottle rockets and such, while we all sat back and watched. What more could you ask for?

I went out to feed my horse, and on the way, passed by a small town 4th of July fireworks celebration getting set up. Kids sitting along the curb with slurpies from Casey's Gas Station while the adults set up food and decorations.

So, today is a bit different. Instead of family and friends, I'm alone at home, but have all my friends online to talk to. Instead of barbecuing outside, I'll be throwing together whatever I can find that isn't alive in my fridge. Instead of helping the kids, I may break out some leftover bottle rockets from last year. Hen, anyone wanna come keep me company?

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