Saturday, July 28, 2001

And, my Horse I Want of the post.. Sony Gold Star LP

Kel's last post brought tears to my eyes. I think some of us have gotten so wrapped up in how we're going to stay awake and amused for all these hours, that we're overlooking the real reason behind all this- to provide hope, education, perhaps life.. We're all having fun sitting around with our movies and sodas and whatever else we're doing, but somewhere out there, people are waiting. Some are waiting for medical treatments to save their lives. Some are waiting for a way to get out of an abusive relationship. And some are just waiting for a hand to reach out to them- to let them know that someone cares. Please, please, please go sponsor someone who is doing this blogathon if you haven't allready. I don't care if its me or not. You can click on the blog-a-thon button over there and there is a page full of the charities we're blogging for. Find one that you believe in.

I'm very glad that I chose the charity that I did, as I'll explain in a later post. I only wish I could have sponsored two or three more- the Mary Kay Ash foundation is both searching for a cure for cancer, as well as supporting programs to stop violence against women. I'd also LOVE to sponsor a theraputic riding program, where they teach kids with physical and mental disabilities to ride horses. Imagine never having been able to walk in your life, and suddenly knowing what its like to have four good legs moving beneath you. I first heard about these programs when I was about 8 on a tv show called Hey Dude, which believe it or not, there is still at least one fan site for. Did anyone else actually WATCH that show? Come on! Tell me you did! Well, okay, I wont believe you unless you can sing the Timmy the Magic Shrimp song. So ha! Great. Now I'm gonna have to go dig out my old videos. How sad!

Wow, I just read on that site that Christine Taylor, who was on that show is now married to Ben Stiller. Heh, the things you learn surfing the net.

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