Saturday, July 28, 2001

Did you know that if you hit either the previous or the next button on the webring, the pages are mostly green? Hummm.. conspiracy?

One hour is done! 23 to go! The time is going by so quickly! I'd like to keep up with reading several other people's blogs, but there just isnt time!

How about a quick quote from the book im reading- Skinny Legs & All, by the wonderful Tom Robbins?

Some marriages are made in heaven, Ellen Cherry thought. Mine was made in Hong Kong. By the same people who make those little rubber pork chops they sell in the pet department at K Mart.

And, more amusing..

Despite its feetlessness, however, its pathetic podalic privation, this roast turkey- or jumbo facsimile thereof- was moving down the highway at sixty-five miles an hour, traveling faster, farther on its back than many aspiring actresses.

Current Mood: Still pretty much just awake, and a bit amused.

Wearing: I've lost the shoes.

Watching: Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: 1

Im on Pepsi # 2

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