Wednesday, July 11, 2001

I have so many almost-ideas floating around in my head, and I just can't quite piece them together well enough to make them coherent. I want so much to start writing more, but its just so hard to get started. Blahhhhhhhh.

My little run to the costume place today turned out to be a lot more fun than I expected. I started out with just two fun little renaissance dresses to try on. Just two. Really. So after I tried the first one on, and was going for the second which was a beautiful pale pink color, when the costume store lady asked if I minded if she took my picture in the pink one. "Um, okay..." I responded, not really sure what was up, but hey, whatever. It ended up that she wanted to use it for the store's display, and maybe an advertisement. Who would have expected that!? So she brought me a few other dresses to try on, and took a few more pictures. The things that happen to a girl who just wants to go play dress-up...

She gave me the address of another costume shop, so now I need to make plans to go there on a day off and check out their dresses too. I also stopped by the mall and got the phone number of a place that does hair extensions, so my next day off will most likely consist of stopping my there, and then going to the other costume shop. Yeehaw. I did get a few pictures of me in the dresses that I'll develop tomorrow, and maybe even post if they look decent.

And, I've gotten a nice email from the site running the blog-a-thon informing me that I need at least 3 sponsors by the 23rd.. so GO SPONSOR ME PEOPLE!!! Thanks ;-)

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