Saturday, July 28, 2001

I was talking to Kelly last night, and actually found myself amusing when I said

CrystalW07: Lets give you Ghetto Extensions!

And holy heck, my site has had 40 hits in the past 4 hours! That's probably more than its had in its life!

If you go to, it tells you how much you are worth. I am worth exactly: $1,875,650.00. Any takers?

Our Horse of the Hour is a lovely little mare with Smart Little Lena bloodlines.

I'm really, really thinking of going to wal-mart and getting a webcam just so I can post pictures of tonight's insanity.

Current Mood: Pondering

Watching/Listening to: Same hotel California remix I was listening to last time, oddly enough.

Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: 2

Pepsis allready gone: 2 and a half

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