Saturday, July 28, 2001

My friend Tara has asked that I post some soccer stats, so here those are :) I know nothing about soccer, so dont ask me what any of that means :)

I'm watching the Brady Bunch, which is sad enough. What is even more sad is that I just saw this episode on Wednesday. Nick at Night, Why hast thou forsaken me!? The rain has stopped, and its just a little too quiet. I can't wait for mom to get home from work at 11. Not only will she be some company, but she is bringing me Taco Bell. Well, she isnt bringing me the restaurant, she's bringing me a mexican pizza. Mmmm, food! Im down to just 2 oreos and 7 pepsis.

I just took about 6 million pictures of myself, so expect those to be posted at 10. If all goes well, at least!

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