Sunday, July 29, 2001

Okay, back to Rich's "What would you do if you had a whole lotta money?" question. I posted a truck I want, and a few nice horses, so lets build on that, eeh?

*I'd build a house.. not *too* huge.. but big enough. And then a huge barn. With nice indoor riding arenas. Mmmmm...

*I'd buy a bunch of horses. A few good cutting & reining horses, a barrel racer or two.. a nice nice dressage horse, a good jumper.. perhaps a little bit of everything!

*I'd get some camels. Lots and lots of glorious camels.

*I would love to somehow buy Van Gogh's Starry Night from the museum, but that would be very selfish. It should remain where the world can gaze upon it, not just me. Although it would be nice.

*I would travel *everywhere*, and pay for my friends to join in on whichever adventures they would like.

*I'd buy some cows. For my cutting horses, of course.

*Oh, some really nice trick saddles, and some horses to use for trick riding. Can't forget that!

*I'd build nice little houses for my friends all near mine. Hooray for closeby friends!

*I would leave huge tips for small town diner waitresses working the late shift.

*I'd obviously donate money and time to all sorts of charitable things, but the question was more what would I *buy* than what I would *do* with the money. Oh, and I think that donating the *time* is equally important as donating the money. Perhaps ill get into that later.

*I would adopt tons of horses being shipped off to slaughter houses because auction prices were down that month. I could just buy a few hundred really grassy acres and put them there. Dont get me started on the whole horse slaughter issue, or we will be here until Wednesday.

*I'd buy myself some new clothes, because dammit, I'm so far from stylin' its not even funny.

*I'd get a better net connection, for goodness sakes! 32k connections are NOT fun.

*I'd get a live-in masseuse. Mase..Mass.. damn, spelling is really really hard at 7am.

*Throw in a live-in chiropractor too. My back has issues.

*I'd pay to get Emmet *professional* training.

*I would hopefully not forget what is important in life.

Oh! And in my house.. I want a skylight over the bathtub, so I can lay there and gaze up at the stars. Well, it would need a cover of some sort, because you know, some people are just perverts.

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