Tuesday, July 10, 2001

Okay, so most of you know I'm a disney nut. I'm particularly WDW-sick (worse than being homesick, I tell you!) right now, so here is a nice list of things I would give just about *anything* to be doing now.

*Relaxing in the hot tub at the Wilderness Lodge

*Watching Illuminations at Epcot, while splitting beavertails with my mom (one apple cinnamon, and one maple chocolate!!!)

*Sitting at a table eating breakfast by the window with the big water wheel at Colonel's Cotton Mill at Dixie Landings, deciding what to do that day.

*Sitting by a fireplace at the Wilderness Lodge with a cherry coke and a cookie from Roaring Forks, and writing about my day.

*Riding Ellen's Universe of Energy That's the best ride. Well, okay, not the best, but it DOES have Bill Nye the Science Guy

*Sitting at Captain Cook's at the Polynesian, those awesome french fries.

*Eating my favorite lunch at Aunt Polly's

*Sitting on the monorail, hearing the ol' "Please stand clear of the doors.. por favor..um, whatever the rest is in spanish

*Laying in the top bunk in a WL room, with one of those yummy rice krispy treat mickey heads. Mmmmm.

*Sitting somewhere in EPCOT eating a yummy strawberrt Minnie bar.

*Swimming late at night in the quiet pool at the Polynesian, accompanied by those two ducks who always seem to hang out at the pool at night.

Its funny how most of my favorite things involve just sitting around, absorbing the magic. I really think I could spend weeks at WDW and never set foot in a park. The funny thing is, the simplest things make the best memories...

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