Saturday, July 28, 2001

Well, the first movie is over, and im left with the dilema of wether or not to start the second yet. Hummmmmmm.

9 hours down, 15 to go. Or something like that. I'm eating oreos and contemplating going in to get another pepsi. Maybe I should save them until later. There are only 8 left, you know. And many many hours. Its raining steadily now, and I hope it doesn't continue, because the sound of rain really makes me want to curl up in bed.

Wow. Our local fair had a spam recipe contest. The winner was a spam eggroll. That's just wrong.

Oh, and we have 9:00 photos now. It took me 6 tries to get a pic of my braid flying through the air. Webcams are FUN.

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