Saturday, July 28, 2001

Well, here we are! Allready at post #2! Things are going just swingingly so far! I'm talking to Kel, reading email, yada yada ya :) Half of the sandwich is gone, as is one pepsi, and very little of my sanity (so far!)

You may notice the pretty little hit counter over on the bar over there -----> That's gonna be there just for the blog-a-thon. Because hell, by 3am, anything will amuse me!

If I haven't allready told you (I'm pretty sure I haven't, but you never know!) I have some lovely seeds planted that I need to go set outside so they can get sunlight. All in the same 2-and-a-half foot long planter thing are cucumbers, green beans, snapdragons, violas, and blue boys. Yes, they were supposed to be planted outside in May, according to their respective packages, but instesad they were planted in my bedroom about 4 nights ago. NOW im gonna move them out!

I really wish I had a digital camera so that I could show you pictures as I go! I know I wont be looking this damn cute a few hours from now :-D

And my very first haiku of the 'thon..

One half hour is done

Twenty-three and a half left

Good lord help us all

Current Mood: Awake

Wearing: jean shorts, red t-shirt, white tennis shoes. Great, I look like a freakin flag. Hair in messy bun.

Watching: Road Rules 10 on MTV

Spam Porn Emails Recieved so far: 1

Pepsis allready gone: 1

and OMG, I just read that Rabi is doing this thing caffeine-free!

*PLEASE* if you have ANY ideas for things for me to blog about, Email me or IM me at CrystalW07.

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